Wednesday, 2019-05-08

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Almindorjusa: seems we're missing each other, any chance you can just reply even if I'm not around? I'll read it from the logs. Or you can send me an email to <myircnickname> at gmail too. Thanks! I tried setting the card profile to voicecall and the sink output to earpiece (which does set that) but the MCE still refuses to dim when set to in call.16:42
FloR707Hi, I would like to convert a date object into the correct date format. With correct I mean the format that is native to the language the device is set to. I found the .toLocaleString() function but I cannot figure out what argument I have to pass with it. Is there a variable with the device language?18:24
tadzikthat's just Javascript:
FloR707Are you telling me that I do not need to pass an argument with the function?18:27
tadzikhave you read the examples I linked?18:30
FloR707"In basic use without specifying a locale, a formatted string in the default locale and with default options is returned." for the emulator it returns YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS which is probably not correct.18:32
FloR707So I guess I need the correct local but how do I get it?18:52
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coderusfrom Sailfish.Silica: Format.formatDate(dateVar, Format.DateFull)21:10

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