Saturday, 2019-05-11

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tuxdudeHas anyone else been having issues with dual sim support on the Xperia XA2 with Sailfish?03:01
rinigusmal: on device, its 4.14 with patches, as far as I can see.04:43
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svipWhat do I do if my phone won't receive/send text messages, but will gladly use data, while I'm roaming?10:52
attahsvip: try getting off LTE and see if the problem persists11:14
svipOK, I'll try just 2G.11:17
svipThat appears to work.11:18
attahSo the operator is probably to blame for a bad config affecting roamers11:28
flypigrinigus, even if manage to get the BuildRequires 'or' syntax to work, I'm wondering if it would help. It would require binary compatibility between the two libraries.13:55
rinigusflypig: it will help - I will have then separate repos for 3.0.2 and 3.0.3. Thus, OSM Scout Server and Mapbox GL QML (also uses ICU) will be installable from separate repos. In the end, we will all converge to 3.0.3, just ported devices will have to catch up13:59
flypigrinigus, so what you're saying is that you want to use the same spec file in two different build environments to produce to different rpms?14:03
flypigsorry, "two different rpms"14:04
rinigusflypig : yes, exactly14:09
flypigrinigus, I have a feeling that's not what the 'or' syntax is intended for. Nowhere on that page does it mention that it works with 'BuildRequires'14:14
rinigusflypig: good catch - I assumed it works for BuildRequires as well. I guess that then I will need some kind of optional section. any idea regarding that?14:18
rinigusflypig: somethig that I can specify using %if and would distinguish 3.0.3 from earlier versions14:20
flypigrinigus, Yeah, that sounds sensible... but I'm no rpm guru I'm afraid. It looks like you could use a macro expansion.14:24
flypigrinigus, you're suggesting conditional builds ? That looks sensible.14:29
rinigusflypig: kind of. except if there is any RPM SPEC variable defined in the environment that would help... maybe something in OBS I can define...14:31
rinigusnot an expert in that14:32
flypigIs libicu52-devel going to remain available on OBS?14:34
flypigsorry, I should know the answer to that myself, but I don't.14:35
rinigusflypig: yes, it will for older versions of sfos - these repos stay, as far as I know. so, I want to give users ability to get the software regardless of whether they use 3.0.2 or
flypigYes, sorry rinigus, I'm not the right person to help you here. It looks like you can set up macros in your project config, but maybe that's not granular enough for your needs: and
rinigusflypig: thank you for helping! ideally, it should be something I can specify in for each of the defined repositories15:16
flypigrinigus, yeah, I didn't see anything in the docs that looked like it would work there, but it feels like it should be possible. Hopefully you'll get a response from the mailing list, if not, I'll mention it on Monday in case someone who knows missed it.15:21
rinigusflypig: thank you very much!15:21
flypigNo problem. It's in my interests as your mapping software is my only means of getting anywhere, ever.15:23
rinigusflypig ^15:30
rinigusflypig: it may be a common issue for software or libs that are using icu directly.15:31
flypigrinigus, yes, I agree, and it would make sense for there to be a documented way of doing this.15:38
flypigrinigus, unfortunately, as I'm sure you know, libicu isn't one of the officially supported libraries for the Jolla store, which is a shame.15:41
flypigrinigus, but there must be a way of doing this. It's not even just a Sailfish specific issue.15:43
Smarit requires sailfish specific RPM macros/defines somewhere, do anyone know if there is such?15:50
Smari.e. a define that tells current sailfish version15:50
rinigusSmar: exactly. Nothing pops up into my mind15:52
rinigusflypig: there were some reasonable issues with icu, as far as I remember from mailing list.15:59
Almindorjusa: ping ? :D17:17
Thaodan_did some1 tried distcc with sfos?18:04
FloR707Hi there. I tried to convert a date object in to a local date format but I am not successful. According to the documentation toLocaleString() is the right function but it returns always the same format independent of the locale is use. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong here?20:36
FloR707console.log(Date().toLocaleString("de_DE"))  -> Sat May 11 22:29:16 201920:36
FloR707console.log(Qt.locale().name) -> C20:36
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