Sunday, 2019-05-12

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dragonchaserhey good mornign10:47
dragonchaserI am running xa2 with the current sfos beta unfortunately alien dalvik has entered a crash loop and I can not start any android application. is this a known issue? how can I resolve this?10:48
maldragonchaser: try to get some logs, "journalctl -b" and when alien is starting "lxc-attach -n aliendalvik -- /system/bin/logcat"11:30
dragonchasermal:lots of output...11:32
dragonchasergetting lots of transport endpoihnt is not connected11:33
dragonchasermal: does this help?11:34
dragonchaser(output of lxc attach)11:34
dragonchaseralso it looks like the tracker daemon is clogging up the cpu11:35
dragonchaserMay 12 13:33:35 Sailfish systemd[11667]: aliendalvik.service: Failed at step EXEC spawning /usr/bin/start-aliendalvik-preini11:36 No such file or directory11:36
dragonchaser and that is from journalctl11:36
maldragonchaser: no helping, try again, that is too late in the startup cycle11:38
dragonchasermal:need to reboot the device, I do not get any output anymore from logcat11:42
dragonchasermal: is there something special I should look for? This log contains lots of data that is not supposed to end up on pastebin11:47
malit's about timing, you need to trigger the command at right time11:50
malwell you need to look for backtraces or just some error that happens before services start to die11:51
dragonchaserthere are tons of errors11:52
dragonchasernot being able to connect to bluetooth (well bt is off)11:52
dragonchaserI see an error regarding the camara manager which is not able to connect to the camera service with lot's of backtrace below11:52
dragonchaserI see a backtrace regarding the nativedaemonconnector (whatever that is)11:54
dragonchasermal: that looks a bit suspicious to me11:56
malit's very difficult to look for the problem without proper log11:57
dragonchasermal:  will try to redirect it and anonymize give me a sec11:57
maldragonchaser: I sent you my email as private message11:58
dragonchaserthx I need some minutes to get the logs11:58
dragonchasermal: you should have an email12:09
malfor future reference the issue dragonchaser had was because harbour-themepacksupport didn't cleanup properly when it was uninstalled, if anyone has such issues remove /etc/systemd/system/aliendalvik.service.d/10-themepacksupport.conf manually12:49
dragonchasermal:thank you for the quick help12:49
maldragonchaser: if you want you can make an issue of that to or I can do that also if you don't want to12:50
dragonchasermal: can do that12:51
malor even fix it there, it should be simple to remove the conf file on uninstall12:51
dragonchasermal: can do that tomorrow, I only have my windows machine here atm12:53
malnp, thanks12:53
maldragonchaser: nitpicking, there is a typo in the issue title, propberly should be properly12:56
dragonchaserjust realized you can to PR's from the website :)12:59
malever tried that myself13:00
dragonchaserme neither :) but handy for such minor updates13:02

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