Wednesday, 2019-05-15

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karrylbt: Hi, can I ask you for creating account to ? My email is <> I see that migration to new domain was finished, great progress!05:43
r0kk3rzkarry: do you have a jolla account?05:44
karryyes, I have it. nickname "karry" :-)05:48
karrybut migration to Jolla SSO is still pending...
r0kk3rzyeah, but i think theres still a link06:14
lbtthere is07:18
lbtI'm only creating new accounts which have a 1:1 mapping to jolla accounts07:18
lbtso I need the username+email to match - thanks for checking r0kk3rz :)07:19
* lbt looks at martin_st .... I've not forgotten :D07:19
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tosarajaIf i were to build Qt 5.12 using sailfishos, what environment variables etc should I set. Are there instructions for this?11:57
ninewiseAnyone using SailSecure or Whatsup here? Or maybe someone who can tell me I shouldn't use them?12:20
ninewiseI'm very interested in either, but they seem unmaintained and whatsup even warns for being banned12:20
ninewiseor maybe some alternative (which isn't the android app, I'm on a Gemini so I can't run those afaik)12:20
malrinigus: it seems you didn't include my updated finnish translation to latest osm-scoutserver release, maybe next release12:34
rinigusmal: strange, I did pull translations by tx, but no new strings were found. I will have to check. Sorry12:58
malrinigus: odd, I translated all of the missing string about a week ago13:33
rinigusmal: for some reason had to force the import. fi and pl had updated strings that were missed otherwise. will be out with the next release...17:20
malrinigus: thanks17:30
rinigusmal: thank you very much for translation and catching the bug!17:34
malrinigus: I probably should setup some way so I can get nice notification when translations are needed, I don't remember to check often enough17:36
rinigusmal: the server doesn't need that much these days on gui side - it's mainly work on the backends, import and such that has to be done. But that's mostly without any translations...18:21
malrinigus: yes, sometimes some translations for error messages probably in that case18:23
Thaodan_any reason why the webhook could return 400 to gitlab?23:37
r0kk3rzwebhooks are always a bit iffy23:39
Thaodan_must the gitrepo name match the pkg on obs?23:52
r0kk3rzwheres your project?23:54
Thaodan_gitab does POST Connection: close 40023:55
r0kk3rzid recommend using the links instead of the old merproject ones23:58

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