Thursday, 2019-05-16

Thaodan_done but still returns 40000:00
r0kk3rzyour setup looks ok, so its probably an issue infra side00:04
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karrylbt: I am not sure which link do you mean? My Jolla username / mail is : karry / lukas.karas@centrum.cz05:41
sledgesPSA: Sailfish OS community collaboration still @ #mer-meeting in 20mins07:39
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Almindoris there any way to "freeze the top" of pageStack such that the user can't go back but you can "unfreeze" later without having to rebuild what's under the top?15:09
malAlmindor: maybe backNavigation property of Page?
Almindormal: ah cool I didn't realize Page had any way to control the stack navigation! thx15:35

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