Friday, 2019-05-17

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Thaodan_has silica a tableview?10:33
r0kk3rzi dont think so10:34
Thaodan_that sounds really shitty. Any idea how to indent two items side by side?10:38
Thaodan_something like:10:38
Thaodan_name | value10:38
r0kk3rzcolumns and rows are fairly usual things in qml10:39
Thaodan_so add colums to a listmodel?10:41
r0kk3rzhow do you need the scrolling to work?10:42
r0kk3rzadding a Row {} to a listview delegate is reasonable if you only have two columns10:43
Thaodan_but I have  the row indended10:43
Thaodan_i have something like name | value10:44
Thaodan_but sometimes name is longer than the previus name10:44
Thaodan_tableview sounded easier for that10:45
r0kk3rzyeah you can format it as a % of screen dimensions10:46
Thaodan_by which attribute?10:47
r0kk3rzparent.width is a typical one10:47
Thaodan_so I need to set the width of the delegate?10:48
Thaodan_of the list view?10:48
r0kk3rzinside the delegate would be the row with your key and value items10:49
Thaodan_so I need a delegate that contains two items one for key one for value10:51
leszekIdeas what is going wrong here?  Built fine before 3.0.311:02
leszekThaodan_: couldn't you solve it using a SilicaGridView?11:04
r0kk3rzleszek: maybe there was changes to gstreamer11:06
Thaodan_the file is in  gstreamer1.0-devel11:09
Thaodan_pkconfig(gstreamer1.0) should be ok11:09
leszekr0kk3rz: shouldn't it try to build against the gstreamer stuff I have in on merobs11:09
leszekI have pkconfig(gstreamer-1.0) already11:10
Thaodan_gstreamer from jolla is newer..11:10
r0kk3rzwhy do you have gstreamer in there?11:11
Thaodan_because his was newer i think11:11
leszekyeah it was newer and I fixed streaming in there11:11
r0kk3rzah ok, we updated to 14.1 ages ago now11:12
leszekSo I should remove the gstreamer in my mer projects?11:12
Thaodan_try it11:12
r0kk3rznot sure that will solve this issue, but its a good idea11:13
leszeklets see11:14
Thaodan_r0kk3rz: using  Row { Kirigami.BasicListItem { }  Kirigami.BasicListItem {} }11:33
Thaodan_did the trick11:33
r0kk3rzyoure using kirigami?11:33
Thaodan_r0kk3rz: using  Row { Column { Kirigami.BasicListItem { } } Column {  Kirigami.BasicListItem {}  } }11:34
Thaodan_yes but I'll add silica support later11:34
leszeknice that worked :) QtWebkit 5.212 build for x86 :)13:54
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rinigusThaodan_: I'd suggest to use ValueButton for it ( that would give you access to name | value, one per row. in kirigami, you could push elements into formlayout for alignment17:04
Almindoranyone getting shared memfd open() failed: Function not implemented21:11
AlmindorI see this on deploying an app21:12
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