Saturday, 2019-05-18

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Stanislav1988Good Morning, I have a question can we have a litte hope that fingerprint sensor will working on our Sony Xperia XA 2 in next releases?03:08
user3543543521Not sure if this is the right place to ask, I thought I would try to make an app for Sailfish OS and I actually managed to do what I want (pure QML, no C++), but I cannot figure out how to set the cover to display something useful.14:17
malwhat do you want the cover to show?14:18
user3543543521I'd like it to display a number which is a variable in one of my pages. My pages says text: qsTR(myVariableName) and I wanna display said variable on the cover14:19
user3543543521but obviously the number can change.14:19
malthere are probably many ways but one way is to store that variable as qml property in main.qml and then use that in CoverPage.qml14:22
user3543543521Hmm okay thanks, I will look into that.14:23
user3543543521Sorry, I am rather new to this. In order to use a variable in my main.qml I have to import my main.qml it in my other pages right? Is `import "../MyApp.qml"` not the right way to do this? I seem to get errors when I try to load a page...14:36
user3543543521well, property not variable.14:37
malcheck for example and
malproperty is a variable of sorts14:41
user3543543521Oh I see, thank you very much. It makes sense now. I thought I had to specifically import the main.qml first. Once again, thank you!!14:52
malno problem14:52
chopixi have bricked my phone with an upgrade, do you think trying to downgrade could help? ^^15:06
malprobably check /var/log/systemupdate.log first to see if it looks ok15:07
chopixno serious error there15:10
malhow about journalctl -b15:11
malwhat is failing during boot15:11
maldid you have any patches or something applied from openrepos?15:12
chopixMay 18 17:03:19 Sailfish systemd[1217]: Failed to start The lipstick UI.15:14
chopixi unapplied all patches15:14
chopixbefore updating15:15
chopixis there a list of releases?15:16
chopixi am not sure to what version i should downgrade15:16
chopixJob for lipstick.service failed because the control process exited with error code.15:19
chopixallright downgrading to my previous version15:29
chopixis there a way to do the GUI backup via shell15:39
chopixwoah downgrade unbricked it16:02
Thaodan_rinigus: thanks. Currently I use a listview with a model. Can I use a formlayout with a model too?16:15
Thaodan_I already have a model with name | value16:16
Thaodan_you suggest valuebutton is a replacement for basiclist item in kirigami?16:16
rinigusThaodan_: it depends on what you want to show. if its name | value pair, then yes18:38
Thaodan_ah thanks20:49
Thaodan_does formlayout work with models?20:49
Thaodan_if I add a listview to it?20:50

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