Wednesday, 2019-05-22

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ThaodanGrandChien: please ask here. Most that are on #jollafanclub are here too06:06
GrandChienHello all, I've got a problem with pyotherside - I'm trying to use google translate python library (googletrans) by entering "importModule('googletrans',function(){ importNames('googletrans',[Translator']); - but it doesn't work06:08
GrandChien(in python section in qml) - in qt creator I've got an error "[W] unknown:0 - Unhandled PyOtherSide error: file:///usr/share/testing/qml/pages/FirstPage.qml:50: Error: Insufficient arguments"06:10
GrandChien(Line 50 is ImportNames('googletrans',['Translator']);06:11
Thaodanyou can use the platform sdk to get a chroot to test stuff06:31
Thaodanor use the application  sdk if you need gui06:31
Thaodanwhy do you use import names and import modules?06:35
Thaodanread the syntax of import names06:35
GrandChienI've read it already06:36
GrandChienI need "from googletrans import Translator"06:37
Thaodanthan use import names06:38
GrandChienso I'm trying to use import names - but I've got error "insufficient arguments", probably because I haven't got function callback(success)06:38
Thaodanand not import names and import module06:38
GrandChienso just import names?06:39
GrandChienwhat about "function callback(success)?06:39
Thaodanthat still06:42
GrandChienI've deleted import modules, and use only "importNames" - but the error still exists (Error:Insufficient arguments)06:42
GrandChienimportNames('googletrans',['Translator']****Should I add here something?*****);06:44
GrandChiennow I've got "QVariant(PyObjectRef) as an output of googletrans in pyotherside (console.log) - how can I change this into string (of translated word)?08:26
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manemobiiliHey, has anyone managed to get gemini pda accessories work? (ethernet, usb & hdmi)13:04
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duncan^the USB expander works fine, providing the USB peripherals are supported16:20
duncan^I can only get USB drives and my DAC to work16:21
duncan^(although the process of getting the DAC to work is not easy)16:21
duncan^I have no idea why it doesn't work out of the box, but I think it probably should.16:21
manemobiilihey, has anyone tried out gemini-pda's hdmi & usb+ethernet hub?18:12
cy8aerjust a question about notifications (called from qml): I'd like to have im like notifications using the normal sound vibra behaviour from my qml app. Should 'category: "im.received"' have any impact or is there another way to get it "legally" working?18:51
cy8aer(for me "im.received" does not have any effects)18:52
cy8aeror isn't it possible to make blip and brr with a "normal" app?19:02
ninewiseShould manemobiili show up again, I'll be trying it in the morning21:22
ninewiseI have one but didn't connect it since installing sailfish, yet21:23

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