Thursday, 2019-05-23

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TW1920Do anybody know about other supported devices as of Sony shown on the website? I mean devices official supported in the next time or are these devices the only ones this year?08:12
TW1920Further can anybody say how good Android Apps are working on SailfishOS? Which Apps are avaible on it as native Apps?08:18
TW1920I need not a lot of Apps - but Apps like Spotify, Here WeGo, Signal, Telegram, Keybase, the Nextcloud Apps should be exist08:18
r0kk3rzthe devices on the website are the supported ones, no further devices have been announced08:30
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TW1920Dofingerprint and NFC work on Sony Xperia XA2 - do anybody know this for the supported image?08:56
leszekTW1920: Fingerprint is not working currently. NFC has a working daemon though userland software for NFC is missing. So what works are simple NFC tags with urls09:27
ninewiseTW1920, there's a native app for spotify, though I haven't tried it yet09:46
ninewisethere used to be one for signal but it's unmaintained, and one for whatsapp but it's banned09:46
ninewisehaven't checked the other stuff you mentioned09:46
tadzikHere WeGo is there, Telegram works, has native clients and doesn't really need an app in the first place (it has a perfectly fine mobile website), at least 2 native nextcloud apps exist09:55
leszekWhisperfish still works for me but I know that registering is not working anymore (the native Signal client)10:49
leszekThe native app for spotify works fine on my XA210:49
TW1920@leszek thanks for information :) - I will test the XA2 on the weekend - in hope to have a way to go away from android... (I'm still sad that Elop MeeGo stopped MeeGo with the N9 back then. Nokia had all to be successfully. Big App store, nokia maps, nokia music, cloud...)12:43
leszekTW1920: have fun testing it and don't be too dissappointed :P12:44
TW1920@leszek I'm using to devices, so I can't loose very much. And I'm dissapointed with every phone since N9 I tested. I'm not the one who need a million apps, but a little freedome. On android with some work you can get it, but android is what it was from the beginning: buggy and need too much resources - and there is no way to choose other OS. There are only two: iOS and Android, but who will buy a egg?12:51
TW1920@leszek what do you think about SailfishOS - are you dissapointed?12:53
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TW1920@ninewise thank you for feedback :) - I'm using SailfishOS for a "clean phone" of something like Facebook... - so WhatsApp I will not miss. I have an android as second phone, so if I have the need to do something else, I can do it.12:57
leszekTW1920: After 2013 this year is the first year I switched my main phone from SFOS to Android (Huawei P30). So yes I am a bit dissappointed12:59
leszekMainly though only with the XA2. The Sony Xperia X is still running solid.13:00
TW1920@leszek what was the main reasons? - (You have luck, Trump stopped any updates for your phone at this summer :/ )13:00
leszekTW1920: XA2 being unusable for too long as in Sensor issues, WIFI battery drainage. Broken promises of SFOS 3.0 and the overall ignorance when it comes to browser13:02
TW1920@ninewise how is your expierience?13:03
leszekTW1920: so I am also dissappointed as developer mainlyy13:03
ninewiseI rather like it13:04
ninewiseMy family doesn't though, since they can't contact me on whatsapp/facebook/... anymore13:04
TW1920What is a broken promis of SFOS3? Do you have a concrete example?  (I didn't followed enough)13:04
TW1920@leszek is the problem that they have not enough resources so their development is to slow? Or is it more a bad work?13:08
leszekTW1920: SFOS 3 website take a look at the features and if you compare it to what is actually there it is maybe 1/413:08
leszekTW1920: its a lack of ressources and a bit of a wrong focus imho for us "normal" users.13:09
leszekJolla needs some billionaire to pay them for creating consumer products13:09
TW1920@ninewise mmh, I know, a lot of poeple can't understand why I don't use WhatsApp primary - but since this my phone is more often silence xD - It's not my problem. I'm still on FB, mostly for managing fb sites, but this I don't need on my phone...13:10
leszekI am proud to never even step a food into FB13:14
TW1920@leszek I hope the russian OS will be successfully - Maybe they should talk with Huawei after the lost license for Android. - Facebook I'm primary using for different jobs, and some other reasons, but I understand you, I don't know why so much people waste there time on FB13:20
TW1920I hope Jolle and SFOS will not die13:20
TW1920But without mor development and some out-of-the-box devices there's no chance to have success :(13:21
TW1920Not every one is able to flash his phone... (or want to do it)13:21
dragonchaserleszek: well you can ask huawai now, they need a new os :D14:03
x2s.oO( and new CPUs... )14:04
dragonchaserTW1920: well then get someone who can :) my fiance is happy with it (less cursing then with android)14:04
dragonchaseralso you can buy pre flashed phones14:04
tadzikeh, when did sailfish backup stop allowing me to select what I want to backup? :/14:32
leszekdragonchaser: I did. See mastodon or twitter or diaspora14:48
dragonchaserleszek: I dumped all my social network Accounts14:57
leszekdragonchaser: you can try call huawei or write a fax then14:58
dragonchaserleszek: fax is so 199015:05
leszekdragonchaser: its the main communication device in germany still when it comes to contracts or important documents if you don't want to use the classical mail15:36
dragonchaserleszek: i Know, happen to live there15:36
bionade24Any advices to package automake projects?21:01
malisn't that quite simple, just proper build dependencies and and then %configure and %make in build section?21:09
bionade24mal: And then just write this in the yaml for rpm package?21:13
malI just write the spec file directly and not use yaml21:14
bionade24Ok. Everyone says something diffrent ?(21:15
malreally? what exactly are you trying to package?21:16
bionade24mal: Seafile's RPC framework21:18
malI would just setup a new git repo, setup that as submodule and then create a spec file to rpm/ folder21:19
bionade24mal: Ok. So I should rather work with patchfiles than with an own branch?21:20
maldepends on how you want to do it, both are fine21:21
bionade24mal: Is the Jansson library not packed for SFOS yet? I can't see anything21:23
malonly this way
bionade24mal: Ok thanks21:26
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