Friday, 2019-05-24

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martin_stFunny. I wanted to build all the seafile-stuff weeks ago. but then it turned out, my username has a dot in it 😃05:51
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TW1920@dragonchaser yes it's possible, but this is nothing what the most people want to do. ;)13:35
TW1920@dragonchaser and yes, I wrote them an email - but at this time I have no answer - only of Jolla (asked too) - they said, that there are many of the same question and for news follow the blog. I don't know if this mean there will be something new about it or a way to say nothing...13:36
TW1920@x2s yeah, but the question is which CPU they should use - do anybody know an another CPU not of an usa company as ARM for mobile phones? I don't know any CPU :/13:40
x2sTW1920: that's the only one I know of:
x2sand since MIPS is now an open source instruction set, it could be their solution.13:42
x2sBut we're talking about five years or so, long-term...13:43
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leszekRisc V is open and I saw a phone prototype already. Though granted it needs some polish still15:12
olYes, RISC-V would br great!17:13
r0kk3rzhah, no, they'll continue using arm designs23:34

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