Sunday, 2019-05-26

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zebbiz_piI tried to update my Jolla 1 to sfOS Hossa, but after downloading and installing (progress bar goes all the way) it does nothing.08:57
zebbiz_piI has been at a full progress bar for 12 hours now08:58
zebbiz_piIs it safe to force kill the phone?08:58
r0kk3rznot really, but you may not have any choice08:59
zebbiz_piYeah :/09:01
zebbiz_piWell shit... Now I can't get my phone out of airplane mode09:34
zebbiz_piAnd it's still on the old version09:34
zebbiz_piFucking hell... Now it won't even turn on10:47
zebbiz_piHow to fix a phone that won't start?11:21
zebbiz_piI ran "version --dup" without success11:23
zebbiz_piIt complained about insufficient space11:23
zebbiz_piThere's plenty of space...11:23
zebbiz_piI canceled the process and tried to reboot11:24
zebbiz_piIt wouldn't turn on again11:24
zebbiz_piIt shows the Jolla logo and then nothing11:25
x2sThere has to be some kind of recovery mode11:26
zebbiz_piHolding down the power button shuts it off (red light)11:26
zebbiz_pix2s: There is, just found ti11:26
zebbiz_piDon't have time to fix it now, gotta catch a train11:27
zebbiz_piIs there anything else I can do that's not recovery mode?11:27
r0kk3rzyeah that was a bad idea11:44
deathmistwhen building hybris-hal after I enabled CONFIG_BT_HCIUART and CONFIG_BT_HCIUART_H4 for BlueZ functionality, make fails with the following errors: I'll continue without BT for now12:31
deathmistI need help: I though I could just skip the "adaptation0" repo errors, but this seems to be the end for what I can do without any assistance here's also the repo it failed on
deathmistcame up on section 7.2.1 on the HADK doc18:23
vknechtdeathmist, try
vknechtalso search for "15.1" and in FAQ at
maldeathmist: the adaptation0 error is not an issue, your issue is the one mentioned in faq as vknecht already said (search for
deathmistthat fixed it, thanks! hopefully soon I'll have a working build on my phone :)18:42
maldeathmist: btw, #sailfishos-porters channel is more correct for these kind of questions18:45
deathmistoh I didn't know of that channel, great!18:53
TW1920Evening. SailfishOS support fingerprint, right?19:07
TW1920I have the Xperia XA2 Plus - where I can find the seeting for fingerprint? Or is this not supported. I searched but could not find usefull19:08
malfingerprint is not currently supported in xa2 or xa2 plus19:10
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