Monday, 2019-05-27

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Heavylobster_Hi, i'm having some trouble with the android support on XA208:59
Heavylobster_i suspect, but don't know for sure, that this is an IO problem: i'm seeing issues with android apps across the board, such as whatsapp being unable to download images/videos etc but otherwise works fine09:00
Heavylobster_and the aptoide store (installed from the Jolla store) fails to download any apps whatsoever (with a vague error message that simply says "ERROR") but also otherwise works fine09:00
Heavylobster_i've had the problem ever since the android support came out for XA2 but have yet to find a solution09:01
Heavylobster_don't suppose anyone has any ideas here?09:01
leszekHeavylobster_: on which version of SFOS are you right now?09:03
Heavylobster_leszek: (Hossa), should be the latest09:04
leszekHeavylobster_: I am pretty sure I installed tons of apps with aptoide09:05
leszekmainly I use f-droid though thats true aswell09:05
leszekbut definitely used aptoide a.k.a. store before09:05
Heavylobster_yeah, and whatsapp also seems to work for everyone else, I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem besides myself09:05
leszekas for whatsapp I don't use it so cannot tell you anything about it09:05
leszekHeavylobster_: have you some weird mountpoints or did you mess with the system otherwise by using tweaks or patches from 3rd parties?09:06
Heavylobster_interestingly f-droid does work for me09:06
Heavylobster_i dont have any third party patches and mount points -should- be the stock ones, i haven't touched those either09:07
leszekHeavylobster_: also try maybe go to settings -> apps -> store (aptoide) and clear the cache and restart the app (or restart ad just to be sure store is restarted aswell)09:07
Heavylobster_leszek: clearing the cache + restarting ad made no difference09:10
leszekweird indeed. Toggling Wifi maybe (if you use it)09:11
leszekotherwise try removing aptoide and reinstall or clear data of aptoide aswell in settings09:11
Heavylobster_already tried with both wifi and mobile data, both have the same problem09:12
Heavylobster_clearing data didnt help, will try reinstalling it09:12
Heavylobster_reinstalling it also makes no difference09:14
leszekmakes no sense to me then. aptoide is working fine here09:15
Heavylobster_i do think that it's a "deeper" problem though since aptoide is not the only android app I have issues with09:16
leszekyeah. Maybe reinstalling AD will help09:29
Heavylobster_does uninstalling ad also uninstall all android apps? or will they be there after I reinstall it09:30
leszekit will uninstall them aswell09:31
leszekalso maybe another android app might be causing this. Everything is possible I fear09:32
Heavylobster_okay, I'll give it a shot anyway09:32
Heavylobster_thats interesting, trying to reinstall ad crashed my phone09:42
Heavylobster_that is, it locked up completely and then rebooted09:42
Heavylobster_worked fine on the second try but the main issue remains09:43
Heavylobster_it also turns out that none of the android apps were uninstalled (though of course they wouldn't run without ad)09:44
Heavylobster_is it possible that there could be some kind of filesystem permission issue?09:45
Heavylobster_problem solved!10:14
Heavylobster_removed the android_storage folder and then reinstalled ad and stuff just started working10:15
Heavylobster_not entirely sure why, but hey, it works!10:15
leszekHeavylobster_: nice :)10:55
fox2Hello kind people! I have a question. I want to move away from Android, and I own an Xperia XZ Dual Sim, but I don't see it as a supported device at the website. Is it possible to buy and install some Sailfish OS, which will work well on my phone? Thanks!14:43
x2sfox2: sorry, not possible. The official support is right now only for the Xperia X.14:58
fox2Thanks for the reply!14:59
x2sWe're waiting for the release for XA2 devices. But that's still in Beta... for half a year or so now15:00
fox2I just bought the XZ 2 months ago, and I found recently, that there are alternatives to Android, so I decided to check if I can use my phone with this OS...15:01
malit depends on whether you need some android app support in sailfish os? sfos can be ported by community to that device also, but that wouldn't have android app support15:03
fox2So far the apps which I really need are Whatsapp and a Nextcloud client for calendar/notes etc... :)15:05
malthere is no native whatsapp for sailfish15:06
fox2oh, I see... so pretty much I need an Android support... I guess I'll search for a second hand Xperia X...15:10
martin_stjust as a side note: Xperia X android version currently is 4.4 and will probably not be updated. Not sure what android version whatsapp needs (or is going to need soon)15:13
malmartin_st: at least whatsapp still works with 4.415:16
martin_stok. Just wanted to mention that buying an Xperia X now for SFOS might not be the best decision for the future, if you're dependent on android support15:20
fox2Thanks for the tips!15:20
FloR707Hi, I would need some help with a row in a SilicaListView. The row has four items. The first is an image with a fixed with. The other three are text where items three and four contain a fixed amount of chars. How do I set the with to the three text items so that they use the entire screen width? The text of the first text item can be clipped.19:03
coderusDon't use row, or use rowlayout21:25

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