Tuesday, 2019-05-28

aslak3bonsoir guys00:24
aslak3someone knows if is possible install  sailfish X on samsung s8?00:25
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r0kk3rzno, its not02:09
manemobiiligood morning to european peeps03:33
dcalisteHello chriadam and jpetrell, sorry to be so late today…07:29
chriadamdcaliste: no worries07:31
chriadamdcaliste: I hope you had a good week07:31
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dcalisteIt's fine thanks. Thanks also for the signature stuff merge. It's in at last ;) Now will start soon the interesting part of feedback from early adopters.07:34
dcalisteBesides, I've worked on porting all oss packages depending on kcalcore. I've WIP MRs in nemo-qml-plugin-calendar, mkcal and buteo-sync-plugin-caldav.07:36
dcalisteAs you've noticed, this raised undiscovered issues in mkcal already. I've completed unit tests there a lot to ensure that basic storage operations used in CalDAV are still working.07:37
dcalisteSee: https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/mkcal/merge_requests/1707:38
dcalisteThis can wait for pvuorela attendee patches of course.07:38
pvuoreladcaliste: hoping i'd get those in today.07:39
chriadamyup, finally got those gpg ones merged, woohoo.  I look forward to feedback from users.  I need to poke Jaymzz about how best to communicate about it (e.g. include a note about it in the upcoming release blog, perhaps?)07:39
pvuorelaattendees etc that is07:39
chriadamI will ask him to run the draft by you, if he does decide that's the best way, so you can make sure we don't publish anything libellous about your contribution ;-P07:40
dcalistechriadam: ok, that's fine like that.07:42
dcalistepvuorela: yes, I'll rebase when your attendee patches are in. It seems that they are orthogonal though.07:42
dcalistepvuorela: thanks for your discussion yesterday about the jolla-calendar patch for per-account sync on modification.07:45
pvuoreladcaliste: thanks :)07:46
dcalisteHave you had time to think about if it's better to go full DBus in nemo-qml-plugin ?07:46
dcalisteOr it's not a good idea…07:46
pvuoreladidn't fully consider yet that part.07:47
dcalisteNo problem, I'll check the activity in bitbucket later!07:47
dcalistechriadam: I guess you've been very busy with the contact related MRs. What's your plan about https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/buteo-sync-plugin-caldav/merge_requests/42 ?07:54
chriadamsadly I still haven't had a chance to test07:54
chriadammy plan is to merge it tomorrow once I test it07:55
dcalistechriadam: ah good nice, thanks. No problem if you need to delay it though!07:56
chriadamgoing to be a busy couple of days, but I'm hopeful ;-)07:56
chriadamI saw you commented that upstream might still be suffering from the kcalcore bug regarding series start-time07:58
dcalisteYes, I didn't have time to add your test on upstream to check, but reading the code might make me think so.07:59
dcalisteLet me check…07:59
chriadamI wasn't sure myself, whenever I'm dealing with tz issues, my brain takes a holiday :-/  if you also think that it's a real issue, that gives me some confidence that my fix is required, at least ;-)07:59
dcalisteI'm compiling your branch currently… But I agree that tz issues are complex ones.08:02
chriadamadded manual-test-repro instructions08:05
dcalisteI see, is it related to Google calendar only ?08:09
chriadamwell, not necessarily08:09
chriadambut that was how we noticed the issue internally08:09
dcalisteCan you provide the select * from components where ...; corresponding to the series event ?08:10
chriadamsent email08:12
chriadamthat is from my notes, unfortunately I've since wiped that data from my device08:13
chriadamso if there's other information you need, I'll have to get back to you tomorrow08:13
dcalisteGot it. Ok, looks good from storage, it has the floatingdate tag for timezone (it's a trick from mkcal to store dates only).08:13
chriadamyeah.  everything looks ok in there08:14
dcalisteNo, I think I can try to reproduce with just this.08:14
chriadamjust the expansion goes haywire in kcalcore side from what I can tell08:14
dcalisteThe idea being to use the GMT-xx timezone. with a minus…08:14
chriadamyes, event is created in GMT+10 but then device is switched to GMT-1108:15
dcalisteWell, normally the creation tz is not relevant here since it is stored in floatingdate.08:16
dcalisteAnd indeed, `date --date=@1558310400` is giving lmidnight UTC.08:16
dcalisteI would say it's from reading, in sqlitestorage in the fromOriginDate() routine with a local time zone GMTminus…08:17
dcalisteThen, in the routine you modified, the conversion may fail in case of GMTminus…08:18
dcalisteI'm looking at this also and we can discuss it tomorrow I guess.08:18
chriadamsure - thanks very much08:19
dcalistechriadam: just for your information, the added testDailyRecurrenceDtStart() is passing with latest upstream.08:22
chriadampvuorela: I wonder if there's a JB# for https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/mkcal/merge_requests/17 so tagging succeeds08:22
dcalisteI can add a MER one if needed.08:22
chriadamdcaliste: interesting.  thanks for checking that one... (I wonder now did I make sure that it fails with our current version, or did I mess up that unit test somehow)08:22
chriadamI think pvuorela already merged the qtbase MR too?  thanks08:24
dcalisteI don't know, didn't try the test in mer kcalcore. But knwoing your reproducer and the data you sent, I'll try to figure out the root of it.08:24
dcalisteIndeed pvuorela merged the qtbase issue. Thanks by the way.08:24
chriadamok, so my todo list: test caldav PR, merge that one.  review mkcal MR#17, hopefully Pekka can review that one also but I know he's super busy currently.  perhaps flypig would be willing to review that one too.08:26
chriadamwas there something else?  the jolla-calendar one maybe can wait for a bit since there's still discussion about that one.08:26
dcalisteIndeed, that's fine. I'm going to investigate further this tz issue for all day recurrence.08:27
chriadamthanks very much08:28
chriadamok, if nothing else, have a great week and will probably talk to you tomorrow or so :-)08:28
dcalisteSee you later chriadam, thanks08:31
flypigdcaliste, chriadam, is this the MR to review? https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/mkcal/merge_requests/1708:34
dcalisteflypig, yes indeed. It's various fixes in mkcal storage of iCal events. I've added various tests to check the fixes are good and demonstrating the issues with current mkcal version.08:35
chriadamflypig: thanks!  unrelated, but there's also https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/nemo-qml-plugin-calendar/merge_requests/37/diffs08:37
flypigdcaliste, chriadam, thanks for the info. I'll take a look, but I've not worked with the calendar code before, so bear with me.09:10
dcalisteflypig, no problem. Thank you and often questions from newcomers in a topic are very relevant ones for those who don't see the issues anymore from their routine ;)09:11
flypigYes, I'll use my ignorance to full advantage! :)09:12
dcalistechriadam: don't know if you're still here. The issue is indeed with FloatingDate trick for the time zone. It's not made to be saved in a timezone and restored in another. I don't have a reproducer easily because on need to change the local tz in between save and read from mkcal.10:11
dcalisteI'll see if I can create a regtest, but not sure.10:11
dcalisteThis explain why we see it only with sync, because only sync is creating FloatingDate flags.10:12
dcalisteThe local calendars are creating dates without timezone instead.10:12
taixzoI've got my phone into a weird state where I can't open a terminal, install packages, or SSH into it. I want to reinstall, but first I want to take a backup of everything.16:36
taixzoI tried the "Backup" option in sfos settings, but that only backed up photos, music, etc. - not the file system, and importantly not any of the configuration files for third party apps (or the list of installed apps and repositories, for that matter)16:37
taixzoI discovered that I can write an app in tIDE and call Python commands, so I made a sort of shell that runs commands via subprocess16:38
taixzobut it crashed the phone when I tried to backup the root filesystem via rsync16:39
taixzoany suggestions on how to make a backup?16:39
vknecht"rpm -qa" and "ssu lr" commands would give the list of apps and repos ; for apps configs getting a copy of /home/nemo/.config/ and /home/nemo/.local/16:52
vknecht(crude and a mess to deal with probably, but better than nothing ;-)16:54
vknechttaixzo ^16:54
kaolI ported my app to Android. Even put a button to play store on my web site. After a week, I still have way more Sailfish users.18:50
bionade24kaol: How much effort was this? Did you use Qt's Android SDK?18:55
kaolI had structured my app so that most of the heavy lifting was done in C++ code and I could pretty much just reuse it. I had to rewrite my QML for the port but most things had equivalent parts to what Silica uses and it took a bit of time but it was pretty mechanical work. It's pretty much just plain regular Qt, I even packaged it for Debian because why not.18:59
kaolI suppose that'll get it to Ubuntu Touch and Purism Librem 5, whenever that'll be ready.19:01
bionade24kaol: Could you please post the source code?19:29
kaolbionade24: https://gitlab.com/piperka/client19:32
bionade24kaol: Thanks19:44
bionade24Is there a Rust compiler for sailfish?19:48
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