Wednesday, 2019-05-29

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martin_stbionade24: I think cross-compiling works (and is super easy with rustup). Not so sure about running rustc on sailfish directly. Last time I checked (which admittedly was a while back) there were some problems05:30
dcalisteHello chriadam: thanks for CalDAV merge. Nice that the fix in mkcal for floating dates solve the tz issue.06:53
chriadamthank you!  yes, although I wonder if the upstream fix is needed anyway for the sub-day recurrence case.  but that's lower priority imo06:54
dcalisteThe fix for sub-day makes sense when reading it, but yeh, need to check further that we can create a test case demonstrating the issue within kcalcore.06:58
dcalisteFor the tz issue, I have no idea how to create a regtest though.06:58
dcalisteThe issue is when mOriginDate which is in UTC is compared to the date of the event with secsTo_long() call.06:59
dcalisteIn the specific case where the event is date only, then mOriginDate is converted in tz of the event (read from KDateTime API reference).07:00
chriadamlack of a regression test is not too important, IMO.  it would be nice, but if it's dependent upon "system" state (e.g. system timezone) then it's tricky.07:00
dcalisteAs said in the MR comments, now that FLOATING_DATE is purely handled in sqliteformat, I think it's wise to remove it from sqlitestorage:fromOriginDate(). What do you think ?07:02
dcalisteLooking at sqliteformat.cpp, there are some other palces where fromOriginTime() is called with a timezone. I think, I should change them to use the new getDateTime() function I introduced in the MR.07:06
chriadamI agree with the first one07:10
chriadamfor the second one, I guess so07:11
chriadamI wonder why fromOriginTime() would ever be calling with a timezone other than what was specified in the event...07:11
dcalisteWell, they are linked. If I remove FLOATING_DATE case from fromOriginTime, then I need to ensure that all calling places with timezone argument will _not_ contains FLOATING_DATE.07:12
dcalisteOh, it's always called with the tz of the associated date in seconds.07:12
dcalisteThat's why, I guess it's wise to use the new getDateTime() function everywhere. It enforce this.07:13
chriadammakes sense07:14
dcalisteI'm doing it now and testing. Will add another commit to MR!17 if it's convincing.07:17
dcalistechriadam: ok, I've added one commit. It may even be merged with the first of the MR in fact.07:36
chriadamthanks.  hopefully I'll get a chance to test that one tomorrow :-)07:37
dcalisteNice, thank you.07:38
chriadamno, thank you.  really appreciate the time and effort you are spending as always!07:40
chriadamand your patience of course!07:40
dcalisteIt's interesting work ;)07:40
* chriadam -> home, gnight!07:50
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SnorasI'm getting an strange ssh error when trying to login on my XperiaX. It reads: "ssh_dispatch_run_fatal: Connection to port 22: message authentication code incorrect"16:27
SnorasI've tried searching for it but could only find it occurring when people use sshfs16:28
malSnoras: you mean when using ssh on the device or when connecting to the device via ssh?16:30
Snorasmal: When connecting to the phone, from any other device/client. Using the client on the phone works without problem16:31
SnorasI've had this issue since about the second to last public release16:33
Snorasand I've tried reinstalling, building from source, new config, and issued new keys16:34
malSnoras: are you connecting via wlan?16:39
bionade24mal: Seems so, it's WLAN ip adress17:00
bionade24Snoras: Tried to delete known_hosts?17:00
Snorasbionade24: Just tried it, no difference. There were one multicast address though, worryingly?17:08
Snorasor not that strange, I've used mDNS17:10
malSnoras: does the error come after you enter password or what?17:13
SnorasRight after $ ssh nemo@
SnorasOh now it works, there were one other default sshd_config in /etc/ssh17:17
bionade24How can I delete those repos?
malbionade24: your command has duplicate calls18:34
malbionade24: it should be two calls not one18:34
malnote the "and" in the middle18:34
bionade24mal: Thought this and is something from sb2, just replaced it with && and now it works, thanks18:35
malso it thinks now that all of the stuff after first zypper ref are considered parameters18:35
malbionade24: where did you get that command?18:36
bionade24mal: Github. I shouldn't have copy + paste it18:36
malyes, it's usually good idea to look at commands a little before running those18:37
bionade24mal: :)18:37
malotherwise those could even do bad things18:37
bionade24mal: I did, but I  believed this and gets interpreted by sb2.18:38
bionade24mal: *That the and gets interpreted by sb218:39
bionade24mal: Yes, I was very very dumb18:39
louisdkI tried updating my XA2 from -> 10. As the GUI way failed I tried in the cli as root. "ssu release" and "version --dup" but I get this error "Error: Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed:    installing package aliendalvik- needs 79MB on the /opt filesystem" despite /opt having 215MB free space.23:52
mallouisdk: check the opt partition, it should only have folder named alien with file system.img in it, if you see some other stuff there those can be removed23:56
mal(well it has the usual lost+found folder also of course)23:57

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