Thursday, 2019-05-30

louisdkmal, silly me. I made a chattr +i on the system.img file. Thx00:03
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bionade24lbt: Are you there? I want to change my username to my git username.17:51
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Thaodansomeone interrested in a devroom at Froscon Germany (near Bonn)? I need some volunteers that help me.18:20
bionade24Someone at GPN19? Could need help with packaging.18:24
Thaodanshould QCoreApplication::ApplicationName match the appname that is send through harbour?18:25
bionade24Can someone please help me:
bionade24bionade24: I have a Problem with my rpm package19:28
malyou have done something really wrong if your prefix contains the build path19:35
bionade24mal: It's th first time I package .rpm, only did Arch packages and .deb before. Will read deeply into it tomorrow, if the issue is that big.19:46
maldifficult to help without seeing the spec file19:49

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