Friday, 2019-05-31

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dragonchaseranybody experiencing connectivity issues with the new on android apps?07:00
Smardragonchaser: this?07:24
dragonchaserSmar: no thats common with the beta atm, experiencing several android apps claiming not to be able to access the internet, though others have connection at the same time07:25
Smaris it different from earlier versions?07:27
Smarit never fully worked for me07:27
dragonchaserSmar: yes I had the issue until that either all android apps had internet connection or none, I knew that sometimes internet failed for all android apps when I switched networks (occured rarely with and it helped to restart aliendalvik. with it happens mor often and it affects only several android apps07:30
Smarfor me it’s only some apps on too.07:31
Smarthough I can guess that it’s related to network switching though07:31
Smar...I’m too tired :)07:31
dragonchaserthat was my first (educated) guess too :D07:32
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AL13N_workif i have a ListView with 3 images with a large height, the bottom one is completely black with an EGL Texture error; if i just put 3 images below eachother in a Flickable, i have no problem; it seems in the ListView the way of instantiating it (maybe in parallel) gives a problem...13:46
oozboozis there online store to buy Sony phones with pre-installed SF OS?14:26
malno, there are no sony phones sold with preinstalled SFOS14:29
leszekmal: jolla-devices is there14:30
malleszek: ?14:30
leszekthey sell devices with SFOS preinstalled afaik14:31
malok, I have never heard of that14:32
leszekI got to know them beginning of the year when they heavily marketed rebranded aigo tablets with SFOS14:32
oozboozI've stumbled upon the website couple days ago but was not clear whether they install SFOS14:33
x2sWell, it all feels a bit shady if a store doesn't have a page anywhere saying where they're at14:38
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