Saturday, 2019-06-01

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Nokius_what is after the glibc change providing libnsl ?11:44
Nokius_anyone with ideas?11:45
bionade24What's wrong with my repo.xml so that it only builds the first arch?
malbionade24: mer:devel is not a proper project16:54
malthat is not built at all16:54
bionade24mal: I builds locally18:07
bionade24mal: *it18:07
malbionade24: you are probably misunderstanding what I meant18:23
malbionade24: what archs are you trying to use?18:24
bionade24mal: So I just choosed the wrong arches? Which do I have to use for i486, armv7hl_sfos and armv7hl_mer?18:33
malpatching property servicedo mer builds18:55
maljust add the two sfos ones, i486 and armv7hl18:55
bionade24mal: There isn't a sfos i486 avaiable on OBS19:03
malyes there is19:25
malyou can see example how to set it there19:26
bionade24The builds works fine under armv7hl, but rpmlint has a problem reading a file under i486:
bionade24Had anyone this issue before?23:17

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