Monday, 2019-06-03

balinRunning the latest Sailfish on a Xperia X2A dual sim.00:52
balin2 major issues: 1) android masseging makes the screen black out - sometimes it comes back, sometimes I need to cycle the screen lock ... can that be fixed?00:53
balin2) The biggest issue: I need the android subsystem to run signal. Does not work. When I restart the android system, I can open the app and it reliably freezes the whole android subsystem after a 30 sec or so - requiring a subsystem restart. Unusable. Hints?00:55
r0kk3rzinstalled gapps?01:01
r0kk3rzi think there was a gappsless signal on jolla store for a while01:02
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balinr0kk3rz: gapps now can be installed?01:42
balinI'm under the impression that signal works with and without.01:43
balinThe sailfish "native"version hasn't been in the store for a long time.01:43
r0kk3rzyou could install gapps on the old alien dalvik at least01:52
r0kk3rzseems a bit more involved for xa2
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x2sIs there a way to calibrate the camera in the Xperia X? The images get way too much distorted by the lense...12:13
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mariogripAnyone know where i can find the src for simkit?19:25
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malmariogrip: it seems the sources are not publicly available, just curious why do you need those?19:52
kimmolisimkit is Apache (ASL 2.0)20:24
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mariogripmal: so we over at ubports can also have satk support :)20:49
mariogripKonsieur: yeah, thats what i saw on the wiki20:49
abransonmariogrip: will try to find out what's going on there. might be there's closed stuff in the same repo or something.21:02
mariogripabranson: Thanks :)21:07
mariogripI assume simkit is apache since its based on meego-app-satk? (thats also apache)21:17
r0kk3rzmariogrip: it should be in the source dumps at least22:22

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