Tuesday, 2019-06-04

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nylHi :)01:36
nylSo my gf gave me back my OnePlus Two :)01:38
nylTime to reboot porting of SFOS on it01:38
Edward__I'm wanting to acquire a Sailfish OS device for use in Australia. Any advice?01:39
nylGet the official suport ones01:39
nylSony Xperia X or Xperia XA201:40
nylXperia X is very stable and cheap01:40
Edward__I was looking at the Xperia X but Sailfish X isn't supported on Australia.01:41
nylI also installed play services and microg on it01:41
nylYou mean you can't buy it?01:42
Edward__Google Play services?01:42
Edward__Yes. I believe I'd have to purchase it through a VPN connection in Europe. Then I wouldn't be eligible for the results official support.01:43
nylWith some mods to disable aliendalvik root i can run banking apps01:43
nylI think it will affect purchase only01:44
Edward__My banking app is the only one I care to use from Android.01:45
nylI don't think it will affect the updates01:45
nylCurrently i use jailbroken iphone 6s for carplay01:45
nylXperia X with sailfish x on it for aliendalvik01:46
nylOneplus 7 pro as main phone01:47
Edward__I might have a further look into using the Xperia X. Is the X or XA better?01:47
nylAnd Oneplus two for development01:47
Edward__I currently use Moto G501:47
nylXA might get better in the future01:47
nylBut i have no lag on X01:48
nylVery stable01:48
nylNot even a issue with it01:48
nylYou can try the community version of SFOS01:49
Edward__Where do I find the community version?01:49
nylJust use vpn and use the free trial01:58
nylYou will not have android support01:59
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nylBut no time limit01:59
Edward__I will do that. Thank you for your help.02:00
nylNo problem :)02:01
dcalisteGood evening chriadam, how are you ?06:51
chriadamhi dcaliste, I'm well thanks.  how are you?06:51
dcalisteFine. about https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/mkcal/merge_requests/17 flypig tested it and reported issues with the fact of applying the same rule of thumb as for local time event for all days.06:53
dcalisteI agree with him and was a bit hasty to conclude that this rule of thumb should be extended to event stored with time zones.06:54
dcalisteThat being said, I would keep the refactoring introducing the set/getDateTime routines.06:54
dcalisteI makes the code much more readable in my opinion.06:54
dcalisteThere are two other fixes in this MR also: the one about the creation date of dissociated ocurrences, and the one about setting the all day flag of recurrence rule.06:55
dcalistePlus it is adding a lot of regression tests for parts that are relevant for CalDAV plugin for instance.06:56
dcalisteWhat do you suggest: is it better to separate this MR in smaller ones to allow in the ones that are not controversial ?06:56
chriadamI agree with you.  I'm glad that flypig was able to do that testing, much appreciated06:56
chriadamdcaliste: yes, if possible06:56
dcalisteMe too, I thank him much ;)06:57
dcalisteOk, so I'll keep this MR for the all day detection but will separate the rest into smaller featured MRs.06:57
chriadamthat would be great, thanks06:58
dcalistechriadam: another question, do you think this has been solved already https://together.jolla.com/question/158893/caldavcarddav-testing-volunteers-requested/?comment=173266#comment-173266 ?07:01
dcalisteSee this question also: https://together.jolla.com/question/158893/caldavcarddav-testing-volunteers-requested07:02
dcalisteI cannot reproduce and grepping the CalDAV plugin code I cannot find any conversion into HTML entities.07:02
chriadamhmm.  should be simple to add a unit test for that07:03
chriadamI don't know whether it has been fixed or not, I can't remember anything which might specifically address that07:04
dcalisteIn the first question the reporter seems to say that the event is sent with proper UTF8 characters, so the change is done on device later on. But I cannot figure out where and I cannot reproduce.07:04
dcalisteOk, thanks, I was wondering, maybe something in Jolla-calendar that myay have been done, but no. Going back to investigation, then ;)07:05
chriadamoh wait07:06
chriadamyou mean in presentation side, e.g. jolla-calendar... hrm07:06
chriadampvuorela would know better than I.  I would assume that if we have QString data, it would be displayed as UTF8 without any explicit html escaping07:06
dcalisteYes, but at that time I had no better idea ;) and wanted to exclude anything for display side before digging further from interaction between plugin and server.07:07
dcalisteBy the way, another question about calendar, what would be the reception from Jolla side if I propose a MR in jolla-calendar introducing a choice for time zone when selecting date and time for events ? That's convenient when travelling to other time zone and setting up new calendar entries for the time when we go back, because now the events are saved in the time zone of the starting of jolla-calendar.07:09
dcalisteWhich has funny consequences by the way: if you put your device to flight mode and travel to another time zone, events created later on are done in the origin time zone. If you switch off your device in flight and start it again in the other time zone, the events created later on are done in the new time zone.07:11
dcalisteWhich is confusing ;)07:11
chriadammy only concern would be that the edit event page is already somewhat crowded, and adding something else there could make it more so.  but I agree that it's a useful feature, so I would personally be interested to see such an MR.  but not sure what design would say :-/07:11
dcalisteThat was a bit my question indeed ;)07:12
dcalisteAnyway, it's not for immediate action, it's more for medium term planning. I need to finish this KF5 kcalcore transition bits, clean these mkcal MRs and finish the per folder IMAP sync UI. And be ready for GPG feedback !07:14
dcalistepvuorela: one question, I may remember that you told me once that there is a way to format a commit from a differential revision in phabricator ? Was it the case ? The SailfishOS patch for kcalcore has been accepted upstream https://phabricator.kde.org/D21215 and I would like to commit it.07:17
dcalistechriadam, pvuorela: there was a valid concern about the sync process pending on destruction in https://bitbucket.org/jolla/ui-jolla-calendar/pull-requests/228/jolla-calendar-trigger-synchronization/diff07:20
chriadamsorry which comment?07:21
dcalisteI simply added a blocking call for the process in the destructor. That may be too simple. But it existed anyway already like that I think in the QML version, with a call in the Component.onDestruction.07:21
dcalistechriadam: pvuorela commented it one week ago, see activity.07:21
dcalisteIt was a comment on 05-25 I think.07:22
pvuorelapong. few highlights here. for calendar timezone is in a way good but indeed the event editing has lots of content already so think we'd maybe need some 'advanced' settings thing and need to involve design there.07:23
pvuoreladcaliste: format a commit, not sure i'm following?07:24
dcalistepvuorela: something like setting the reviewers and approvers automatically and format the commit message from the summary in phabricator.07:24
dcalisteBut maybe I just imagine this…07:24
pvuorelaum yea, my memory gets hazy since it's over a month since i played with those :) but yea, think there was a way to pull the commit with all the metadata already in place.07:26
dcalistepvuorela: about the time zone in the edit page, I didn't think much about it indeed from a design point of view, was just testing the water from your side for this kind of modification. I mostly agree that the page is crowded already.07:26
dcalisteAnd the time zone selector by itself requires to push a page anyway (see the manual time zone selection in date and time).07:27
pvuorelaarc patch, etc maybe?07:29
dcalistepvuorela: indeed, thanks (https://community.kde.org/Infrastructure/Phabricator provides details for using arc)07:31
chriadamdcaliste: regarding that jolla-calendar PR, I added a comment there.  I have no strong feelings - doing it synchronously seems fine to me so long as it doesn't cause any UI stutter in the common case, I think.07:37
dcalistechriadam: in the common case, it's fine. The only case it can stop the UI is when the sqlite storage is locked by a long write.07:43
chriadameven spawning a thread and waiting for it to terminate might cause a frame or two to be dropped, though.  I didn't check to see what the current impl does, if it spawns a thread or not?07:44
dcalisteI don't know, current situation is sending dbus sync action in the Component.onDesctruction without mkcal sqlite request of course, so current situation may be quicker than MR suggestion…07:52
chriadamI suspect that in practice the new MR overhead will be negligible.  but let's consider it more thoroughly later on when we're ready to merge (i.e. after the branching and we have time to test etc properly)07:54
dcalisteOk, that's fine as a plan.07:55
dcalisteFor this week, so I'll cut down the mkcal!17 MR into smaller ones that can be reviewed independantly and accepted accordingly.07:55
chriadamthat would be very helpful, thanks07:58
chriadamwas there anything that I was supposed to do which I had forgotten about?07:58
dcalistepvuorela: ok, sailfishos patch for kcalcore is upstream ;)07:59
dcalistechriadam: no that's fine thank you for the meeting.07:59
chriadamthank you for your time and effort as always!07:59
chriadammuch appreciated07:59
* chriadam heads home, have a good week!08:04
mariogrip<r0kk3rz "mariogrip: it should be in the s"> Humm, its not there :(10:44
nylWhats lame :D11:41
nylToo many disconnects from irc on oneplus 7 pro11:45
nylNeed to add bnc back on my server11:45
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nylHope znc won't crash :-/13:26
nylI lost chat logs13:27
spliffyHi there!14:07
spliffyI'm having problems on my Jolla Phone 1 after updating to I'm seeing various symptoms, maybe you know what might be the source of problem.14:09
spliffyThe first thing i notices was that i had to reactivate my jolla account - while doing so it said some key files for apps could not be stored. I checked btrfs. A user in this channel had the same problem and got it solved by running "btrfs balance start /home", so it ran it too.14:11
spliffyIt said there was not enough space. I checked - it had 1GB free space (afterwards)14:12
spliffyNext thing i noticed is, that the UI shows 1% (free or used, i don't know), but the console shows 77% used.14:13
spliffyDo you have any ideas what to do or check? What is done while running balance? Does it need more than 1GB free space?14:14
spliffySomeone in here suggested to run btrfs device stats /home. It shows inappropriate ioctl for device. Is this to be expected?14:18
spliffyI can acces the data and the phone boots normally14:19
abransonspliffy: the free space on the jolla1 filesystem can be a bit misleading14:28
spliffyi read it wrong in the storage UI. There it shows %1, not 1%. Looks like a placeholder that didn't get replaced.14:30
abransonthis is the good old thread about it: https://together.jolla.com/question/30822/root-and-home-disks-full-and-causing-various-problems/14:31
spliffyabranson: Thank you. It doesn't look like it's full to me though: https://pastebin.com/19p4ufxM14:33
abransonthe filesystem it uses does snapshots. it may be full even if the volumes on it don't look that way. 93% is way over.14:35
spliffyabranson: oh, ok. Thanks for the hint!14:36
abransonmove some stuff off it, run the balancer, and it should start to behave itself14:36
abransonthat 'allocation' check is best14:36
spliffyabranson: the allocation check?14:56
spliffyyou mean btrfs check?14:57
spliffyam i doing it wrong? devel-su btrfs fi show /dev/mmcblk0p28 -> ERROR: unable get label Inappropriate ioctl for device15:02
abransonspliffy: btrfs-balancer. check that page I sent above15:10
spliffyabranson: alright15:10
spliffyoh, yeah. sorry. i got distracted by work ;D15:10
spliffyyea... 100%15:14
nylMister_Magister, mal the carpet came with the rent15:55
Mister_Magisterwhy are you pinging mal15:55
Mister_Magisterwhy am i pinging mal15:55
Mister_Magistersorry mal15:56
Mister_Magisterohno i did that again15:56
nylyou did it again15:56
* Mister_Magister is having fun on irc15:56
nylwhy would i remove the carpets15:56
Mister_Magisterrussia approves15:56
nylcarpets give extra luck compiling SFOS15:57
Mister_Magistercompiling sfos is easy15:58
Mister_Magisterwhen you want to do something with android15:59
Mister_Magistergive me couple of minutes15:59
Mister_Magisterfound https://i1.theportalwiki.net/img/7/7d/GLaDOS_11_part1_success-1.wav nyl16:00
Mister_Magisterthis happens when you try touch android16:00
Mister_Magisteryou are being send to android hell16:01
nylMister_Magister, isn HADK made by a debian user?16:01
Mister_Magisternyl: http://shrugemoji.com/16:02
nylMister_Magister, i started to like budgie desktop16:12
attahAnyone knowledgeable in Nemo DBusAdaptor? I want to take a QML/JSON object dict thingy as input to my method, decaling it as type="a{sv}" gives me no complaints, but i get the distinct feeling i'm saying array of string->variant19:46
attah{sv} doesn't work, nor does v... what shoud it actually be?19:46
mariogripAnyone know the reason sailfish is not using ofono's rilmodem? they seem to have created there own plugin22:15
r0kk3rzmariogrip: interaction with rild maybe? monich would know23:04
r0kk3rzi know there used to be a lot of sailfish specific stuff in there, but afaik thats all been refactored out23:11

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