Saturday, 2019-06-15

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juheHello, how can I synchronize time automatically using connman/ntp/... command line tool when there's no GSM connection? I'm having onyx, v3.0.3.9, connected to network.07:46
useretailhey guys, how to report a bug?18:26
malprobably best way is at
maluseretail: which device?18:28
useretailXperia X, SFOS (Hossa)18:29
useretailimporting ICS file using dbus-send doesn't work if Calendar app is not open18:29
useretailbut in previous release everything worked18:29
useretailHow can I debug this issue?18:31
malI think at least checking what journalctl -fa tells could help (as root using devel-su, set password in developer mode settings before that)18:32
malso in one terminal run that command and in another try to run the command that had issues18:33
useretailmal, thanks18:38
useretailsometimes import works, sometimes doesn't18:38
maldoes that log show anything useful?18:39
useretailmal, yes, very helpful. i'm investigating what18:42
useretail*what's wrong18:42
useretailopened a bug/question:
useretailsee logs on pastebin19:19
malok, I need to check those logs tomorrow19:34
useretailmal, thanks21:47

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