Sunday, 2019-06-16

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X65VboI'm in the process of configuring jenkins+docker to automatically build my SailfishOS app. I'm also looking to run automated unit tests before/after the build. Is there a docker image that's similar to the SailfishOS emulator?11:25
X65VboNone of these seem to fit the requirement. Any other suggestions?
X65VboHm... I might be able to use the SDK Docker image11:44
Krikkeit seems the battery problem on xa2 dual sim is caused by using two sim cards simulatenously15:54
Krikkewhen I disable the other I get Xperia X level battery usage15:54
KrikkeI mean Sailfish X on the Xperia X15:54
Krikkeovernight from 22% usage to 8% with 4G enabled over night15:55
Krikkeafter I disabled sim 215:55

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