Tuesday, 2019-06-18

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dcalisteHello chriadam, how are you ?06:57
chriadamhello dcaliste, I am well thanks.  How are you?06:57
dcalisteI fine, thank you.06:57
dcalisteThanks for the GPG stuff landing in 3.1.0 ;) it's great, but a little mistake pass through: https://bitbucket.org/jolla/ui-jolla-email/pull-requests/44106:58
chriadamah, I will check that one06:58
dcalisteMy fault when renoming variable in QML…06:58
chriadamI also saw you were looking into folder sync with imap06:58
dcalisteMake it works with QMF SynchronizationEnabled flag is easy, but I'lm fighting with how to enable this in UI.06:59
chriadamah.  jpetrell may be able to help (but I think he's out of office today, not sure)06:59
dcalisteThe buteo-qml-plugins-email MR is the first part: enabling it.07:00
dcalisteThen, comes two MRs, one in nemo-qml_plugin-email to expose this SynchronizationEnbaled flag, and one in jolla-setting-accounts for the UI part.07:00
dcalisteI was divided in two options for the UI part:07:01
dcaliste* either put a textswitch in the folder virew in email app itself enabling or not the synchronization, or07:01
dcaliste* put a folder list in account settings with the synchronization schedule.07:02
dcalisteI chose the later and to avoid overcrowding the setting page, I put the folder list behind a combobox, so the folder list is expanded only when the user choose full details.07:03
dcalisteA bit like for the synchronization combobox, proposing usual choices and a custom mode if not.07:03
chriadamsounds like a good solution07:03
chriadambut again, when it comes to UI stuff, I defer to jpetrell ;-)07:04
dcalisteIndeed ;) Let say it's first draft then ;) I'll try to find him later on to discuss with him (and attach screenshots in the MR for quicker references).07:05
chriadamsounds good, thanks07:05
chriadamregarding the mkcal PRs, flypig and I will review those this week07:06
dcalisteOk nice thank you both.07:06
dcalisteMaybe you've seen also this MR https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/buteo-sync-plugin-caldav/merge_requests/45 for CalDAV ?07:07
chriadamlet me check07:07
dcalisteI've still left the WIP tag because I want to test, but I think I won't add modifications any more.07:08
chriadamI hadn't seen that one yet07:08
dcalisteIt's about simplifying as much as possible the notebooksyncagent code.07:08
dcalisteTrying to reduce its length to make it easier to maintain or change.07:08
chriadamsounds good - I probably won't get to reviewing that one this week unfortunately07:08
dcalisteIt enable TODO handling also, at this level (still needed in reader part).07:09
dcalisteNo problem for time frame, it's not in a hurry.07:09
flypigchriadam, dcaliste, at some point during the discussion, can I ask about the mkal!17 MR, please?07:12
dcalistepvuorela: https://github.com/sailfishos/sailfish-office/pull/129 <- just a UI tweak after document app has been switch not to use drawer anymore.07:12
dcalisteflypig: sure go ahead.07:12
chriadamdcaliste: pvuorela is on vacation at the moment, he's back next week07:12
chriadamflypig: go for it07:12
flypigdcaliste, thanks :)07:12
dcalistechriadam: ok no problem.07:13
flypigFirst, sorry for not being more proactive, but I am confused about the state as it stands.07:13
flypigCould you summarise for me dcaliste?07:13
flypigEspecially the relationship with MRs 19-2207:14
dcalisteflypig: in fact !17 will be removed, it is replaced by several smaller MRs, see !19, !20 and !21 I think.07:14
dcalisteSo mainly, the core of !17 is becoming !2207:14
flypigOkay, great, this is what I was confused by.07:14
flypigSo 21 and 22 still need review?07:15
dcalisteThe idea of it is to refactorize the date and time read and write to help centralize possible corrections on all day detection for instance.07:15
dcalisteYep, !21 and !22.07:15
flypigI see that 21 isn't very complex07:15
dcalisteIn fact !21 is a consequences of !22 (I commented it there I think).07:16
dcalisteSorry for the reverse numbering (!21 being a consequence of !22), I notice it later after reworking !17 into smaller commits.07:16
flypigOkay, perfect. So is it still useful for me to take a look at these today? Again, I apologise for not having done this sooner.07:16
dcalisteflypig: don't worry, I know everyone is busy ;)07:17
flypigdcaliste, you're very gracious, but I delayed unnecessarily because I was a bit confused. I apologise.07:17
dcalisteWith pvuorela having accepted the MR with test cases it's easier to see the influence of !21 and !22. You'll notice that in the current state, one test is failing. It's the detection of all day depending on various iCal format, as you have investigated already.07:19
dcalisteNormally, !22 should solve it.07:19
dcalisteSorry, myself for not commenting in !17 that it was going to be replaced by smaller ones.07:20
flypigWhen you say "the current state", you mean it's failing on current master *without* 2207:20
dcalisteflypig: excat.07:20
flypigdcaliste, great, got it, thanks. Just to be sure :07:20
flypigdcaliste, you did comment, and you were clear, but I more than a couple of MRs and I get confused.07:21
flypigdcaliste, chriadam, the situation is much clearer for me now and I have a direction, so that's all good. Thanks.07:23
dcalistechriadam: ah and the GMT+- bug should be corrected by !22, you may notice in the readDateTime helper routine, that when the time zone is FLOATING_DATE, the actual value is read from index + 1 instead of index only before the patch.07:24
dcalisteflypig: thanks to you for feedback and valuable testing !07:24
chriadamflypig: we mainly need to figure out what the appropriate fix for internal bug 43708 is.  I suspect that one of dcaliste's PRs will resolve that.  but if not, we need to investigate further.07:25
merbotchriadam: Error: Error getting Mer bug #43708: InvalidBugId07:25
chriadamso that's the MR22 I guess07:25
chriadamdcaliste: thanks for splitting that one up too :-)07:25
flypigchriadam, thanks, that's useful to know. I can look at it in the context of 43708 then.07:26
dcalistechriadam: well technically it's still linked with the refactoring, because it would have been boring to patch every places…07:28
chriadamyes, we should get them all in if possible07:28
chriadamanything which improves the quality of the code is good07:29
chriadamdid we cover everything, or did I forget something?  I will definitely follow up on the jolla-email fix for the signature stuff.  Aside from that, I will also look into the mkcal PRs tomorrow or Thursday, unless flypig beats me to it.  the other (caldav + foldersync) things will not be this week unfortunately.07:30
dcalistechriadam: that's it. Time frame is good !07:32
chriadamgreat :-)  I'll be online for another 20 mins or so, but then will head home.  please ping me if there's something else which comes to mind :-)  aside from that, have a great week!07:32
dcalisteThanks, you too.07:33
dcalistejpetrell: https://github.com/sailfishos/sailfish-office/pull/129 <- just a UI tweak after document app has been switch not to use drawer anymore because currently, pulling down makes the toolbar appears in PDF viewer…07:34
jpetrelldcaliste: cheers, looks good :)09:20
dcalistejpetrell: as said, I'm sorry I didn't try your rework earlier, I should have propose feedback earlier. But besides this little thing, the rest is nice to use.09:22
jpetrelldcaliste: good to hear. :) touched code that you had written so there is non-zero change that I accidentally break some edge use cases09:24
dcalistejpetrell: I've quickly tested the link menu opening, including device rotation in zoomed in documents and everything is still placed well. So no problem besides this small toolbar showing issue, as far as I've seen up to now.09:28
dcalistejpetrell: another point, not in a hurry at all. When you have time and design team also, may you give a look to https://bitbucket.org/jolla/ui-jolla-settings-accounts/pull-requests/42 ?09:30
sledgesWe're pushing on with our next release, means another batch of strings are waiting for your help to translate. Since round 1, Czech, German, both Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish need more love :) https://together.jolla.com/question/208113/official-announcement-l10n-strings-for-310-round-2/09:37
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pdanekIs the Aurora OS fork any good?12:16
pdanekI heard news Huawei might use the Aurora OS instead of Android.12:16
pdanekThat made me excited.12:16
leszekpdanek: AuroraOS is basically a rebranded SailfishOS without AD and country specific modifications and/or apps12:19
pdanekSo finally Sailfish has chance to get popularity if Huawei goes for it?12:21
pdanekI am former Maemo / Sailfish user, but had to move to Android long time ago, but this news make me hyped.12:21
UmeaboyHi! I want to reinstall sailfish-browser, but I can't find how to tell pkcon to do so in --help.13:36
Umeaboypkcon install --downgrade sailfish-browser doesn't seem to help much.13:37
UmeaboySo pkcon install --allow-reinstall sailfish-browser13:38
malor the option before install13:39
UmeaboyOkey. Since I updated to sailfish-browser has begun to act even more weird.13:47
malisn't 3.0.0 quite old already13:48
Umeaboy3.0.3.10. Sorry, my bad.13:49
UmeaboyIf I clear all the downloads regardless if they worked or not they still show up again and I'm once again notified about Sailfish failing to download them.13:52
UmeaboyThat's why I thought that reinstalling the browser might work.13:52
UmeaboyReinstalling sailfish-browser did not do the trick13:53
UmeaboyWhat else can I try?13:53
zebbiz_piUmeaboy: Have you deleted the files? Cleared the browser data?13:55
UmeaboyNo luck.14:02
UmeaboyAny other solution?14:03
zebbiz_piHave you tried turning it off and on again? :P14:03
UmeaboyI can do it again though.14:04
UmeaboyI'll be back.14:04
zebbiz_piPojken från ume är tillbaks!14:07
zebbiz_piAny change?14:08
UmeaboyNope. Still the same.14:08
UmeaboyI can reset the system, but I prefer NOT to.14:09
malso the command still didn't work? try installing zypper in use that to force install14:12
mal*and use14:12
Umeaboyzypper is already installed.14:26
UmeaboyNow what?14:27
dcalisteUmeaboy: `pkcon install sailfish-browser` should reinstall the browser to the current version without any additional argument. Before doing it, you need your repo listing to be up to date, so a `pkcon refresh` is required.14:33
dcalisteJust tested on my device, it is doing the job.14:34
dcalisteBut I'm not convinced this will solve your download issue because, I'm afraid this is related to some setting / cache files in the home user.14:35
malzypper has --force option14:35
malwhich is more forceful than pkcon14:36
UmeaboyNope. Problem still persists even after running pkcon install sailfish-browser && pkcon refresh14:44
UmeaboyI'm beginning to think that it's connected to my user account.14:44
maltry zypper like I said many times14:45

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