Wednesday, 2019-06-19

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dcalistechriadam: I've diff !22 with the old !17 and found that I made a mistake when reading the date in floating date format. I've pushed a corrected version. I'm sorry loosing your time in testing :(07:53
Krikkeso what does the "global proxy" setting do?08:59
Krikkeand how do I add a default route? ip route command doesn't seem to do anything09:43
Krikkeeven as devel-su09:43
Krikke3.0.3.10 xa209:43
ViGeHave you tried the old fashioned route command?09:45
ViGeso, "route add default gw" just might work09:46
Krikkeit adds the route but doesn't work11:35
Krikkewait, maybe it works11:37
Krikkeyeah works now11:37
Krikkeso with manually removing default route and adding the correct one works11:38
Krikkenice, next question, how do I route the traffic if I enable vpn on sailfish (openvpn) and then share the connection to my pc?12:00
KrikkeI have it set up with usb-tethering12:01
obiwlanI'm starting to develop my first sailfish app. Its purpose is to switch on/off power sockets over the network and therefore it has to store credentials. Is there any infrastructure avaible for storing app credentials?14:13
tadzikI just kept them in localStorage14:14
tadzikthere are some sailfish-secrets APIs now too, but I don't know much about those, not even if they fit this usecase14:15
obiwlanHm, i will look up the APIs. Since it isn't possible to encrypt a passphrase the app has to have access to, anyway, it should be no problem to store them myself i think.14:17
obiwlanmy hope is the secrets api can guard the credentials against unauthorized access through other apps.14:19
tadzikyeah, that's how it sounds14:20
obiwlanyeah. If anyone could point to an example if it in use, that would be nice.14:21
obiwlans/if it/of it/14:21
obiwlanok, i found the tests and examples in the github repo:
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UmeaboyHi again. The stupid phone reconnected without me touching anything and the service was working.19:05
UmeaboyStill no solution to the sailfish-browser issue.19:07
UmeaboyIs there any plans to port dnf?19:08
UmeaboyIt would help if we say that one wants to build a package in the device locally.19:09
UmeaboyI read the help part of rpm, but no flag to actually install the build deps.19:10
malUmeaboy: what is dnf?19:34
vknechtsuccessor of yum, in Fedora/RHEL family...19:51

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