Thursday, 2019-06-20

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fledermaushas twitter's site (mobile or otherwise) stopped working for anyone else on the sailfish browser?13:30
malyes, there is currently a problem with that13:30
fledermausoh, "nice", thanks.13:32
martin_stInterestingly it doesn't work with IceCat (android) either14:45
kimmoliit works if you fake your user agent16:40
fledermauskimmoli: orly16:43
fledermausis that easily jiggerable with sailfish browser?16:43
fledermausconfig file? hex editor? something else/16:45
kimmoliadded to ^ tjc16:46
fledermausnice, thanks.16:47
malkimmoli: just curious, what was the original user agent?17:52
malI checkec it myself, quite different17:55
kimmolii just used something17:58
fledermauswe should set up a botnet spamming twitter with the original UA in requests till they un-fuck whatever they fucked :)19:03
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UmeaboyHi again!20:18
UmeaboyThe problem just stopped showing up......for now.20:18
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