Friday, 2019-06-21

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chriadamdcaliste: thanks very much!08:16
chriadamI've now merged and tagged those two in mkcal08:16
* chriadam heads home for the night - have a great weekend08:16
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Thaodanpiggz: Did you experienced issues flashing firmware for bip ?13:35
Thaodanthe daemon crashes for me13:35
Thaodanharbour-amazfish.service: Main process exited, code=killed, status=11/SEGV13:35
albertuxThaodan: also for me amazfish does NOT work maybe for bluetooth issues...13:38
Thaodanalbertux: Nope13:39
Thaodanthe firmware is send and the (bluetooth) connection is stable13:39
malalbertux: which phone?13:40

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