Monday, 2019-06-24

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Thaodanare i586 obs images broken?
Thaodanmy bad had two i586 paths inside my repo12:11
bionade24Thaodan: How does SSL work in your IRC client App. Does it read the system's certificate store?12:46
bionade24Thaodan: Thanks will try it.12:52
Thaodanthe store version was also updted12:53
Thaodanthanks to Venemo12:53
VenemoThaodan: store version not yet updated, sorry14:26
VenemoThaodan: but soon :)14:26
Thaodanbut it was pretty recently14:27
Thaodanah the store snowed my build as the last update14:32
VenemoThaodan: I requested the store guys to put it under my name instead of jpnurmi's, so maybe that's why it looks like it's updated14:35
Thaodanthe store shows my version as recent.14:36
Thaodan0.10 is not in the store14:36
Thaodanjust  0.914:36
Venemobtw Thaodan I tried to give you access to the git repo, was that successful?14:39
Thaodanyes it was.14:40
Thaodanalready closed the bug I fixed.14:40
Thaodancan you please set master as the default repo on Github?14:40
Thaodan*the bugs I fixed14:40
Venemoisn't it already the default?14:41
Venemook done Thaodan14:44
Thaodannope thanks14:45
Thaodanalso found a new bug: the left sidebar only updates when resetting the filter or leaving the app14:46
Venemofile a github issue pls14:48
VenemoI plan to eliminate the sidebars completely, to make it better fit the newer Sailfish versions14:49
Thaodanas long as the layout is similar14:57
Thaodanmaybe ask somewhere for opinions15:00
Venemowill do.15:02
VenemoI'll still need to think about how best to do it15:02
Venemoone idea is to put all the stuff on separate pages15:02
Venemoit would still require the same number of taps to get from one channel to another though.15:03
Thaodanwhich is ok imho15:09
Thaodan.less wasted space and please no tabs15:10
Venemo:) okay15:14
VenemoI gotta go now. have a nice day Thaodan15:14
Thaodanbye, you too :)15:15
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