Monday, 2019-07-01

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spliffyHi! I would like to develop sailfish applications on KVM, because i'm already using it on my workstation and it is conflicting with virtualbox. Is it even possible? I guess windows support was the main factor for prefering Virtualbox?15:10
superprowerspliffy: just curious, how exactly KVM conflicts with VBox?15:11
spliffyLast time i checked virtualbox was not able to use hardware acceleration when the kvm kernel module was loaded.15:11
spliffysuperprower: ^15:11
spliffyAs a linux enthusiast I love sailfish really much..I'm still using my first jolla phone, have a gemini and a sony xperia with sailfish x. But I'm unable to take part in software development because years I am unable to take part in software development for sailfish because of the situation. Its a sorry state :(15:15
spliffyooops, the heat garbled my sentence15:17
x2sspliffy: in theory it should be possile to convert the image to something kvm can work with and just run it15:27
x2sjust try it.15:28
spliffyx2s: Do you know if the SDK interfaces with virtualbox in some way? I guess it a least wants to control the vm lifetime somehow.15:29
spliffyx2s: thank you for the link. I will try later.15:29
x2sspliffy: sorry, I don't.15:51
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bionade24spliffy: You also have to set up SFOS' special network adapter options, etc.17:47
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