Tuesday, 2019-07-02

r0kk3rzspliffy: are you already running linux? in that case you dont even need a vm if you dont want one01:22
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dcalisteHello chriadam, sorry to be late today.07:20
chriadamdcaliste: hi, no worries :-)07:21
chriadamI hope you had a good week07:21
dcalisteYes, it's fine, thanks. Thanks to jpetrell and you also for the access to components-contacts.07:21
chriadamsaw the PR there - I will ask Bea to take a look at it07:22
dcalisteI've begun to look at the issue and how to solve it, but it's not finished yet. I'll restart looking at it in three weeks now.07:22
dcalisteThe PR is a minor fix for a side effect.07:22
chriadamah true07:22
chriadamno worries, thanks very much07:22
chriadamI guess a lot of finnish devs will be on vacation over the next month also07:23
chriadamso not sure how much progress we will make on getting your other PRs merged, but hopefully some will be07:23
dcalisteI'll keep an eye on gitlab, but I won't bring my computer on holydays, just the phone, so interaction from my side will be minimal also ;)07:24
chriadamdefinitely a wise decision :-D07:25
chriadamplease ignore everythign from us while you are on holiday07:25
chriadamjust fyi:07:26
chriadamthe 3.1.0 update is entering final QA etc rounds, so shouldn't be too long.  master has been opened up for 3.1.1 content so that opens the door to properly reviewing/testing/merging the outstanding PRs (targeted to master)07:27
chriadamso at this stage, we're gated mostly be developer availability rather than the previous "concentrating on 3.1.0 content" taking most developer resources07:28
dcalisteGreat, it would be good if CalDAV calendar addition / removal on sync cycle can go in (with the associated setting-account PR also), what do you think ?07:29
chriadamaside from that I don't have much to discuss this meeting, unfortunately.  I have asked flypig to review that mkcal PR also, but it looks good to me.  I still need to test more throughly, but it makes sense.07:29
chriadamyes, I will start reviewing the caldav ones later this week, and test as much as I can07:29
chriadamwill be good to get those in.07:29
dcalisteYes, and for mkcal, I see that the logging MR requires a rebase, I'll do it today I think.07:30
chriadamah thanks07:30
dcalisteFor the jolla-calendar PR on up-sync modified account only, I still need to test the possible lock on app closing when syncing is under process.07:32
chriadamhopefully that proves to be a non-issue07:32
dcalisteI don't think it could be visible, but it's worth trying it before accepting the PR.07:32
chriadamwas there anything else you wanted to discuss?07:35
dcalisteTo finish, I know they are very busy, but if design people may give a look to the folder sync setting PR and associated screenshots in Bitbucket, that would be great. They can discuss with pvuorela who kindly begin to comment on the PR.07:35
chriadamdesign person*07:35
chriadamI will ask him ;-)07:35
dcalisteAh true !07:35
chriadamuh, he is on vacation now07:35
chriadamI will ask him, but low chance of response for a few weeks ;-)07:36
dcalisteNo problem, just to add the ticket in the pipe.07:36
dcalisteThank you chriadam for discussing today, and I wish you a good July month. I'll be back on IRC around the 25th and we can meet again on Tuesday the 30th if you're available.07:37
chriadamthank you very much for your time and effort as always07:38
chriadamI hope you have a great vacation07:38
chriadamsee you on the 30th :-)07:38
spliffyr0kk3rz: running linux for 20 years now :)08:10
r0kk3rzspliffy: then you can just run the platform sdk, or use the dockerised platform sdk if thats your thing09:01
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spliffyr0kk3rz: cool. But, platform SDK? Is it required in this case for the application SDK?14:58
coderusthis https://github.com/CODeRUS/docker-sailfishos-buildengine23:03

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