Wednesday, 2019-07-03

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r0kk3rzspliffy: theres two parts, the customised qt creator ide, and the build engine. the build enginge is what vbox is used for mostly because of windows support04:25
Krikkeso when is early?06:32
Krikkeneed to get fix for roaming, going to sweden in a few weeks06:34
r0kk3rzbuy another phone?06:54
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Krikker0kk3rz: yeah going to use my Xperia X if it's not fixed16:45
Krikkedunno even why it would be broken, worked fine in April, but I read on tjc that they broke roaming so a bit nervous16:46
KeeperoftheKeysI'd like to add lockscreen controls to gPodder21:22
KeeperoftheKeysbut I can't find any docs on how to implement this21:22
vknechtKeeperoftheKeys, "rpm -ql jolla-camera-lockscreen" should help, I guess22:02
vknechtbeware of "rpm -qi jolla-camera-lockscreen | grep License" tho...22:02
vknechtbut as they say, use the source (anyway) :-P22:05
KeeperoftheKeysThat is a separate application that launches from the lockscreen22:13
KeeperoftheKeysI just want play/pause ff/rew buttons on the lockscreen like when media is playing in the mediaplayer22:13
KeeperoftheKeysjolla-mediaplayer has it somehow22:13
KeeperoftheKeysas does unplayer22:13
coderusthis is mpris222:15
KeeperoftheKeysas far as the license on the package, what matters is on the specific files, in general the whole license stuff of Jolla is a mess.22:19
KeeperoftheKeyscoderus can you refer me to docs about this?22:20
KeeperoftheKeysunplayer seems to bundle qtmpris with it22:24
KeeperoftheKeysgpodder uses nemomobile.mpris 1.022:24
KeeperoftheKeysIs this what would add it to the lockscreen?22:34
KeeperoftheKeyshmmm I think I made a mistake, I guess the gpodder dev was working on mpris because github version has it but what is installed on my phone does not.22:40
KeeperoftheKeysSo turns out that the github version of gpodder did already do mpris as it should it just never made it to the production/harbour RPM (commit was done in 2017 last rpm was released in 2015 go figure)23:35

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