Thursday, 2019-07-11

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sledgesPSA: SFOS collaboration community meeting at #mer-meeting on the hour (in ~13mins)07:42
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KeeperoftheKeysI missed the meeting right :/10:30
KeeperoftheKeyshow do I change the RPM being built from a arch to noarch (python only)18:30
KeeperoftheKeysthe sdk complains that it should be built as noarch but only has options for i486 or arm as far as I can tell18:31
bionade24KeeperoftheKeys: Isn't noarch just a specification in the .spec file?18:42
malyes, it's just how you define the package in spec18:44
malyou set "BuildArch: noarch" for the package in spec18:45
malKeeperoftheKeys: ^18:45
KeeperoftheKeyswait but the spec file is generated based on the .pro and the .yaml so where do I set it in those?18:54
KeeperoftheKeys(thanks btw)18:54
bionade24KeeperoftheKeys: Most people use the .spec file directly, especially if it's a gnu make or cmake based project. Sorry, I don't know how to this in the .yaml. but should be similar.18:56
KeeperoftheKeysOK I'll try again, before I had the spec file that shipped with gpodder and then the SDK would fail because it detected that it was not an autogenerated spec file18:59
bionade24KeeperoftheKeys: You probably can turn this off somewhere19:04
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KeeperoftheKeysHow about preventing python bincode to be included?20:16
bionade24KeeperoftheKeys: What should that help? It's not binary code, it's bytecode and works with every interpreter (like in java)21:12
KeeperoftheKeysjust smaller less cluttered package21:13
bionade24KeeperoftheKeys: Really that much smaller? Don't believe so, only faster in execution first time. And that matters.21:15
KeeperoftheKeysI have 2 additional files for each .py file and the package as generated without bytecode is ~100k vs ~200k for with bytecode21:16
KeeperoftheKeys(.pyc and .pyo)21:16
KeeperoftheKeys(uncompressed size ~400k vs ~700k21:17
bionade24KeeperoftheKeys: In today's times completely irrelevant21:19
KeeperoftheKeyscall me OCD but I feel like I'm shipping users a bag full of garbage if I'm sending them bytecode...21:20
KeeperoftheKeysanyhow found it :)21:21
bionade24KeeperoftheKeys: Just be shure then that the .pyo and .pyc files get generated when a user runs it the first time, sometimes there are issues21:25
bionade24KeeperoftheKeys: When you're OCD you should use python wheels with zstd compression for packaging, then you would have <100K21:26
KeeperoftheKeysWhy I just want to distribute a set of python scripts? without a whole load of clutter21:28
bionade24KeeperoftheKeys: I just wanted to optimize your ideas :)21:29
KeeperoftheKeysWhy isn't Sailfish.Media 1.0 allowed?21:32
bionade24KeeperoftheKeys: Sailfish Media API get's stabilized soon and then it'll be allowed21:35
bionade24KeeperoftheKeys: You can read about it in the last #mer-meeting log21:35
KeeperoftheKeysgreat :)21:44
KeeperoftheKeysI only see KeepAlive mentioned... oh well :/21:49
KeeperoftheKeysstupid question maybe but what is the "preferred" method for changelogs in sfos apps? a markdown file? textfile? in the yaml for RPM? through harbour somehow?22:13
KeeperoftheKeyswhen RPM validator prints a dependency error does it always first print a line which seemingly says that /bin/sh is required by the project?23:42
KeeperoftheKeys(It's just that I never gave it such a dependency and it also is not in any file in the RPM as far as I can tell using grep)23:43

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