Friday, 2019-07-12

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bionade24KeeperoftheKeys:  Use a Markdown file, that'll be fine. "/bin/sh" shouldn't be dependency of your project, you probably misconfigured something.11:54
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KeeperoftheKeysit's not mentioned anywhere in the project... but it's also in "expected output" I found somewhere. I'll build it without MPRIS and see if it dissapears13:05
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dijitaltrixhello, quick question - how can I find out my sim phone number?14:25
bionade24dijitaltrix: Ask your sim provider or call someone16:11
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melissa_Hello everyone. Does anyone have advice for me? I want to install Sailfish on a Gemini PDA. The options are Sailfish Commercial Ed. and Sailfish 3 Beta community ed. What exactly are the differences?21:50
melissa_And how much space would you recommend at minimum?21:51
bionade24melissa_: You don't get any real advantages using the paid version (only Exchange and text prediction, not aliendalvik), so I'll suggest to try the community version first and then buy when you want to support Jolla. I don't how much  space you really need, but if you want to do some things you should at least take 15GB, more ist better.21:56

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