Saturday, 2019-07-13

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mrfjalarSomeone who knows if it is possible to get started running 8.0 apps on a sony xperia x compact?? managed to get started alien dalvik but only 4.408:00
r0kk3rzmrfjalar: not without the new alien dalvik08:20
mrfjalarr0kk3rz I understand that but it doesn't seem to be possible to run on x compact?08:22
r0kk3rznot without changing it to be aoso 8 based08:28
mrfjalarr0kk3rz any tip how?08:29
mrfjalarcan i do that whit g7 patcher?08:30
r0kk3rzno, only by making a new adaptation based on xa208:34
mrfjalarr0kk3rz how do i start any tip :)?08:36
bionade24mrfjalar: You should look on TJC, I believe at least some people tried the thing you want to do now.08:53
mrfjalarbionade24 what is that? adress?08:56
vknechtaosp8 rebase for suzu/kugo is wip already, tho not usable yet
bionade24makedin: https://together.jolla.com08:57
melissa_Hey guys. I want to install Sailfish on my Gemini PDA, but on I only see a download for the 4G version. Does anyone know where I can get it for the wifi only version?14:34
kirvesAxemelissa_, I'm not 100% sure but I think I downloaded the community edition from Planet computers site..?14:38
melissa_kirvesAxe if I go to the old partition tool, I can still find it. But that tool is for Android 7 rather than 8. I don't know if I can mix it with the new tool.14:54
melissa_And with the old tool I run into an error during flashing14:54
bionade24melissa_: I would ask this in some planet computers channel or forum again16:09

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