Thursday, 2019-07-18

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attahcoderus: Regarding reason for screen casting... i'm thinking like showing a quick powerpoint or some images without a computer12:24
attahTo me that rules out vnc :)12:24
attahI have also found that Jupii is getting built-in screen casting, so i seems to be happening anyway12:25
attahPerformance there is still really bad, but that's probably the place for me to try and contribute12:25
attahBut this didn't stop me from finding what i think might be a suitable library:
coderusattah: "a quick powerpoint or some images without a computer" sounds like a bunch of screenshots :D14:59
attahcoderus: more or less, so no real requirements on framerate...15:09
attahbut throwing that over to a tv or projector would be very useful15:10
coderusattah: i see15:25
satmdis there a sailfishos image for the p8lite (2015)? :D15:51
martin_stI still cant access twitter with SFOS. There was a discussion a while ago here. Was there a solution?16:17
martin_stI mean with the browser (even Fennec from fdroid)16:19
bionade24martin_st: Isn't there any client for Sailfish anymore?16:27
martin_stI dont want/need a client. I just want to occasionally open a link16:58
bionade24martin_st: Webcat has no problems with twitter17:03
martin_stActually, just retried Fennec. Works now also. Only builtin browser fails17:13
fledermausmartin_st: yes, you have to fake your user agent17:15
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