Friday, 2019-07-19

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tortoisedocawesome update \o/15:00
tortoisedoc(the tabs could have icons instead of text, but whatever)15:00
tortoisedocone question; entries with X-Maemo for the servicefw used to be traceable over DBus up to the last update;15:01
tortoisedocnowadays it appears they are not anymore15:01
tortoisedocas in, for instance, when starting mail from the launcher, the respective service method is triggered; but if i recall then the (open) mail from the home screen, the same service call is not executed15:02
tortoisedocdoes lipstick short-cut to raise the current application?15:02
tortoisedocmal : ^15:02
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GrowingDarknessI'm considering wiping my phone and trying sailfishos, but I want to be sure google voice works; does anyone here use it with sailfishos?23:44
GrowingDarknessI found but it appears like it's been inactive over a year, can't find anything recent to confirm it works (or doesn't)23:45

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