Saturday, 2019-07-20

GrowingDarknessTalkative bunch.00:08
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GrowingDarknessdamnit it's been years since i used irc, i cant remember the command to scroll back, esc then something.  I left this online all day and no idea if anyone answered me.03:23
GrowingDarknessI remembered.  ESC p.03:24
GrowingDarknessWell I trial and error rememberd.  And nobody answerd me.03:25
GrowingDarknessI'll just try it I guess.  Kinda annoying to have to try it just to know if it works or not.  If gvoice doesn't work, I have to go back to android, so I'll have wasted probably hours installing sailfish and making it work.03:26
tadzikso it seems like there's now a browser selection popop when you open URLs in 3.1, that's nice! Do you know if it can be convinced to detect android browsers as well?08:48
rudi36Anyone know more news about sfos on xperia 10?08:54
mpolrudi36: that will take months to go from alpha to beta :)08:59
rudi36Yes i know but mebay someone build it already i can not build it as my PC has not enoufh memory for it ;)09:00
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r0kk3rzim sure it will be available eventually10:32
halvorI got a moto z play (couldn't find anything else cheap) just for sailfish18:23
halvoras there's a community edition for it18:23
halvorbut twrp has trouble installing it18:24
halvorit cannot extract the system zip18:24
malhalvor: try using older twrp, new twrp sometimes has issues extracting the rootfs18:36
halvormal: okay18:57
halvori am trying witt twrp 3.2.1 now19:01
halvorsame error19:02
halvorfailed to extract filesystem19:02
malI saw in logs that someone said 3.0.2 might work, other option is to copy sfos busybox and use tar included in that19:05
halvori wonder if I can find 3.02 anywhere19:10
halvorI am pretty new to this whole thing, with android devices19:10
halvorbut sailfish is tempting19:11
halvor3.0.2 cannot mount the sd card19:15
halvori boot into a newer version and copy it to tmp on the internal storage?19:15
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vknechthalvor, sort of ; you could extract sfos and flash boot image manually, see chapter 11 of HADK :
halvorcopying it to the internal storage worked, I managed to install it19:35
halvorbut then it didn't boot19:35
halvorI did wipe the cache after the install thought19:35
maldid you install correct android version as base?19:35
halvorshould i install lineage os first?19:36
malyes, sailfish uses the system partition of android for some things19:37
malthe installation instruction for your sfos image should tell which lineage version to install as base19:37
halvor"Since there are no LineageOS 13.0 builds for the device, I currently embedded stripped custom build into Sailfish OS zip, so Lineage OS doesn't need to be installed separately. You can have any other ROM installed and switch between Sailfish OS/that ROM by flashing boot partition backup."19:38
malhalvor: just to be sure, you used correct command to extract rootfs?19:39
halvormal: i was just following the description i found19:42
halvortwrp, wipe, flash sailfish os19:42
malhalvor: so now flashing normally worked? I mean installing the zip?19:43
halvorwith the old twrp, 3.0.2, and copying the zip to the internal storage19:48
halvorbut then rebooting led to nowhere19:48
halvorjust a blinking led on the top of the phone19:48
halvorreinstalled lineage os now19:48
malcan you see the device in host dmesg? as some usb device19:49
halvorand going to try flash on top of that - if that makes sense19:49
halvormal: i reflashed lineage os after that19:57
halvorno errors this time yet, but the installation script is taking awfully long20:33
halvorand I don't think that's a good sign20:33
malit takes quite a while usually20:46

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