Sunday, 2019-07-21

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FloR707Hi All, I need a little help with the notification documentation. I would like to show a notification in the app. Like when receiving an SMS. Therefore I used the code from the first example in the documentation. But I do not get the overlay, I get an entry on the notification page. How can I control where the notification is shown?08:31
rupanshI have been trying to build sailfish for redmi 3s(land) but i got the following error :15:18
rupanshI followed the following guide -
rupanshalso i am on the hybris-15.1 repo15:19
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rubdosIs there a common reason that QTranslator::load returns false, when I can clearly see the files being there?17:34
rubdosIn particular: `translator.load(app->applicationName(), SailfishApp::pathTo(QStringLiteral("translations")).toLocalFile())); with /usr/share/appname/translations containing appname.qm17:35
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