Monday, 2019-07-22

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tortoisedocsilly question about the "privileged" user / group classification20:03
tortoisedochow can I debug a daemon with the same elevation from command line?20:03
abransontortoisedoc: I think it's 'devel-su -p' to get in that state22:23
tortoisedocabranson : thanks22:24
tortoisedoci resolved by devel-su and exec with HOME=/home/nemo for now :)22:24
abransonif it's right it'll say 'enjoy your privileges' :)22:24
MalinuxHi fellow sailers. I have XA2 Dual Sim and SFOS Upgraded the day it came. Today I suddenly can't connect to the mobile internet. Getting "Network connection error" and connection type, shows as 3G and restarting connman.service don't seem to help either. I also tryed cold start it, nothing. What can the issue be?22:30

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