Tuesday, 2019-07-23

Malinuxsuddenly it seem to have fixed it self some way. Don't know or understands why.00:02
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GrowingDarknessI just installed SFOS for the first time today and have been playing with it about an hour.  My biggest question is how to force landscape for homescreen and apps like retroarch06:05
GrowingDarknessThis is sailfish 3.0.3 on Motorola Photon Q06:05
fledermausturn the phone to landscape mode and then lock the orientation? I don't think you can force it per-application06:06
GrowingDarknessThe way it is now, certain apps (terminal, browser, etc) open landscape, but the home screen itself is always portrait06:11
GrowingDarknessThe app drawer opens landscape if I open it w hile in a landscape app, but if I open it from home screen its still portrait too06:11
fledermausok, yeah, I see that too. guess that's the state of play right now.06:15
GrowingDarknessI just tried applying a patch https://openrepos.net/content/alina/patch-allow-any-orientation-except-inverted-portrait-sailfishos-apps but doesn't seem to do anything06:22
fledermausgoing offline for a bit.06:24
GrowingDarknessRetroarch is the app I care about right now to play games.  https://openrepos.net/content/wiktorek140/retroarch says "Manual screen rotation works" but I cant find it in any menus06:26
GrowingDarknessBut I'd love to rotate the home screen too.06:38
GrowingDarknessEven switching between two apps that both run landscape with the app drawer in landscape, it switches to the home screen inbetween and I see it do this silly rotation for no reason06:40
GrowingDarkness(i.e. switch from browser to terminal)06:40
GrowingDarknessUnrelated, can I switch the temp to F?06:42
GrowingDarknessOn the notification page.06:46
Venemo_XA2hey guys06:47
GrowingDarknessHey Venemo.06:47
GrowingDarknessIs there a sailfishos forum where I can read and search?06:51
GrowingDarknessI found this irc channel when I was looking for a forum, but seems there's not one, and the q&a referenced doesn't exist that I can find.06:52
chriadamand the wiki: https://sailfishos.org/wiki/SailfishOS06:53
GrowingDarknesslooks kinda like redit06:58
chriadamdcaliste: not sure if you are back from vacation this week or not, if so I hope you had a great vacation, if not I hope you continue to have a great vacation ;-)07:42
chriadamanyway, I have to head home now unfortunately, so can't attend the meeting tonight07:42
chriadamsee you next week :-)07:42
dubliner[m]<GrowingDarkness "Unrelated, can I switch the temp"> Yes. Settings -> Apps (at the very bottom) -> Weather09:54
dubliner[m]<GrowingDarkness "Is there a sailfishos forum wher"> Adding to chriadam's selection, there is also https://talk.maemo.org .09:55
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dubliner[m]<GrowingDarkness "This is sailfish 3.0.3 on Motoro"> Where did you find the image for your phone? https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris links to a "vintage" version of SFOS for the Photon Q. Maybe you could add your link to that Wiki?09:58
r0kk3rztheres a bunch on the ci10:51
dubliner[m]<r0kk3rz "theres a bunch on the ci"> Ah, thanks for the info! 👍️12:27
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GrowingDarkness@dubliner Thanks, got my units set.  I found this rom on xda forum.15:25
GrowingDarknesslooks like to update that wiki I need an account.15:35
GrowingDarknessIf you want to update it for me, the forum thread is https://forum.xda-developers.com/photon-q-4g-lte/general/sailfishos-3-photon-q-t387097915:36
GrowingDarknessFor landscape support install patchmanager and my patch "default allowed orientations" from web catalog then restart lipstick.16:01
GrowingDarknessThis was advice I was given by the porter.  So my question is, what is web catalog?16:01
GrowingDarknessAnd, to restart lipstick, is there a faster way than reboot?16:02
tortoisedochello gusy17:15
tortoisedoccan someone check quickly, is the /home/nemo/.cache supposed to be root:root?17:16
tortoisedocalso I have these funny log entries17:19
tortoisedocand my pics & vids  are gone from gallery,  but still there in the files17:19
PeperJohnny.cache is nemo:nemo here17:19
tortoisedocPaperJohnny : sup thanks17:19
tortoisedochurrah they are back \o/17:20
GrowingDarknessHow do I add a repo?  I want to add https://build.merproject.org/project/show/home:elros34:sailfishapps18:34
vknechtssu ar reponame URL18:37
GrowingDarknessok I think it worked, thanks.18:39
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GrowingDarknessHow do I get a voice in sailfishos-porters?20:26
malwhat do you mean?20:30
GrowingDarknessI see you talking there with elros34, but I can't talk there.20:31
GrowingDarknessNo +v20:31
kimmoli register your nick20:32
GrowingDarknessOh.  Ok.20:32
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