Wednesday, 2019-07-24

enigma9o7is there a simple text editor like nano/pico?00:04
enigma9o7I'm not familiar with vi and that's all it seems to have00:38
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enigma9o7Solved that.  pkcon install.  My excuse is I'm too used to ubuntu telling me when stuff is installable, didn't think to look in the obvious place.01:30
enigma9o7Is there any form of working voice assistant?  Or speech to text web search?03:02
enigma9o7No video streams available.03:32
enigma9o7That's all I get out of this ytplayer app that was promoted at the top of the jolla store.03:33
enigma9o7The youtube plugin in kodi works fine.03:36
enigma9o7I should have read the comments.  Apperantly with 25k installs, there are only four comments, all within the last 4 days, all saying no streams.  So it's not me.  That's good to know.03:37
enigma9o7And micro-tube only plays some videos.  ytplayer seems none.  only kodi plugin works03:57
enigma9o7I hate how it only gives me 3 seconds notice of low battery then shuts down.04:17
enigma9o7I have a cable right here but it never gives me a chance to get to it.04:17
enigma9o7Hate is a strong word.  I mean it's a little annoying.04:18
r0kk3rzsounds like the battery calibration is wrong04:56
r0kk3rzcheck it in csd04:56
r0kk3rzand yes, unforunately many apps in jolla store are abandoned04:58
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