Thursday, 2019-07-25

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rubdosSince what sailfishos version do we have Qt 5.6?10:53
PeperJohnnyiirc v1.1.9.30, but I may be mistaken11:00
rubdosoh that's a while already11:02
bionade24rubdos: It's the license change problem11:40
rubdosQt version seems recent enough for me here... needed qtwebsockets11:49
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rubdosif someone'd be interested in helping out:
cvp|sailfishmodsHello. I have just flash the image (Xa2 Dual Sim). Now I'm hanging in the bootloop. Before, I had already had SFOS on it. Restoration in recovery did not help either. Someone an idea?14:47
bionade24cvp|sailfishmods: Where are you exactly hanging?14:57
cvp|sailfishmodsDevice Unlocked > Sony Logo > turn off > Device Unlocked > Sony Logo14:58
bionade24cvp|sailfishmods: Maybe there is something with the bootloader wrong. Seems like the boot path for SFOS is missing15:03
cvp|sailfishmodsanother question. Is it possible to flash SFOS 3.1 image on Android 9? Has the problem been resolved?15:08
bionade24cvp|sailfishmods: I think so, but not sure.15:43
cvp|sailfishmods:/ i want to brick my phone15:45
deathmisthey, I'm making a settings plugin counterpart for a daemon to control the display off gestures of my phone (similar to what kimmoli has done for the OnePlus X, but with more control). feedback is appreciated as this is my very first SFOS "app" :p
cvp|sailfishmodshow it works with "encryption of Home partition" ?16:27
cvp|sailfishmodsi reflash my device (xa2 - dual sim) with android 8.0.0 and sf 3.1.016:27
malcvp|sailfishmods: if you read the release notes you see home encyption is not enabled for xa2 yet16:48
cvp|sailfishmodsmal: Okay, thanks for the info, thought you could manually install something.16:51
malnot sure about that16:53

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