Friday, 2019-07-26

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Almindorwhy is the IDE stripping debug binaries?02:38
AlmindorI use the "copy binaries to device" method and when I check the resulting file in /opt/... I get a stripped binary..?02:39
Almindor(also only asm backtrace on a crash, that's why I've been looking)02:39
h0peydoes bluetooth work now on xa206:41
albertuxsometimes bluetooth dos Not properly work on Xperia X indeed...06:50
Krikkeso my /usr/bin/contactsd uses 22.4% of all memory07:16
KrikkeI reset cache and got the calendar to sync07:16
KrikkeI did this, and now first time since like forever the calendar syncs07:18
Krikkehow do I fix the memory usage? Other apps keep crashing after some time, probaby oom07:19
KrikkeI have 70MB free mem after boot07:20
vknechtif all the rest is "cache" it is ok afaik07:21
vknechtalso, device with 2GB+ RAM generally have mapplauncherd-booster to preload stuff so it's faster to start07:28
Krikkexa2 dul im07:34
Krikkedual sim07:34
Krikkebut it used the same amount of memory before applying the fix07:36
Krikkewill memory usage go down if I delete all accounts?07:39
albertuxKrikke: same problem here before ad after last update --- problem not solved yet ---07:46
albertuxKrikke: try to sync manually your contacts, you probably solve problem ...07:48
Krikke[root@Sailfish Contacts]# pwd08:07
Krikkedu and ls report size differently08:07
Krikkehmm down to 11%08:16
Krikkeand I did nothing08:16
Kabouik_Is broken this morning?09:03
Kabouik_I'm getting a lot of nginx errors, and loading times are horrid (when pages do load).09:03
Kabouik_horrendous*09:03 says broken for more than us09:03
Kabouik_Thanks, forgot about
PeperJohnnyno worries09:05
Kabouik_Well then since I can't post on TJC, I'll try here.09:05
Kabouik_I had a X Compact with Google Services installed. I seem to remember the accepted procedure on TJC to install GServices implied making a symlink /home/.android09:05
Kabouik_But I am not sure anymore. Anyway, I had to reinstall Android recently and figured I would move to MicroG instead. I did it and it work perfectly, even better.09:06
Kabouik_Before that, I had moved /home/.android/ to /home/nemo/.android to make a backup of my apks and start fresh. This didn't cause any issue with the new Alien and MicroG installation.09:08
Kabouik_However, I later deleted /home/nemo/.android/ by accident, which broke Alien (this this location was not the original, this why I believe it was actually a symlink).09:08
Kabouik_I removed Alien, reinstalled it, and I can now run apks again, even install applications... But I cannot install MicroG anymore despite doing the exact same spoofing procedure. F-Droid says "unknown issue" when trying to install it.09:09
Kabouik_Is there something I maye have deleted that is not restored when reinstalling Android Support from Jolla store?09:09
Kabouik_Signature Spoofing Checker from F-Droid confirms that spoofing is enabled on my device.09:13
Kabouik_Yet a freshly installed F-Droid shows issues: can't update itself (I'm surprised it even has an update since I just downloaded it), can't install MicroG, while it work perfectly before my shenanigans.09:14
Kabouik_And yet it could install Signature Spoofing Checker.09:14
Kabouik_I believe the replacement folder that was created when I moved /nemo/.android/ is /nemo/data. So the new Android stuff is there, I'm just no sure why removing the old backup broke things.09:25
Kabouik_I think all of my issues related to the deletion of the symlink might be caused by Android stuff being stored in my root partition instead of user partition now, ending up with too little space to install MicroG from F-Droid (which surprisingly doesn't say this explicitly).09:51
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Krikkeseems my x doesn't have the massive mem usage with the same google account11:01
KrikkeI removed the whole account and mem usage is back to 22%11:04
Krikkehow do I clean this?11:04
Krikkestart freh11:04
Krikkewhat is the service name so I can restart it?11:06
KrikkeLOL it requires --user switch11:17
Krikkenow we're getting somewhere11:17
Krikkefucken lolled it was a directory11:20
Krikkethat's whyit showef different size11:20
Krikkeremoved, restarted mem usage 011:24
Krikkevknecht: liar11:25
Krikkeseems I have to reinstall11:41
Krikkeand try microg11:41
Krikkegoogle stuff eating up a gig of ram11:42
Coolgeekis there a tutorial to install microg on sony xperia x ? all I saw was for XA211:42
Krikkecan you support a device with more than 3G ram pls?11:42
Krikkedead os11:43
Krikketjc just gives 50211:48
Krikkefeatures are like, look we improved thesesystem apps that already worked11:51
JulianFHello, all. New to Jolla/Sailfish, coming from Android, seeking more Open solutions in my comms & data. Read plenty about it this compared with LineageOS, Purism, /e/, etc; looks good. Some questions before I buy. Was in #jollamobile; @Coolgeek suggested I try here.12:46
JulianFLooks like photos can be copied to online albums in available "social network" connectors; but only FB and Twitter are mentioned in the manual. What support is there for photos gallery or backup/online access on Open systems -- Nextcloud, Piwigo, plain-old-file-server (SMB/FTP), etc.?12:46
JulianFLike, what's a summary of the possibilities, practically and/or technically?12:46
PeperJohnnyThere is an app called ghostcloud on that copies to nextcloud. Maybe webdav too12:47
JulianF , I see. Looks like a good start. Thanks.12:50
PeperJohnnyinstall the additionals if you want automatic syncing12:54
svipWhich version of Android does the Android support pretend to be?  Or rather, which version does it support?12:57
PeperJohnny4.4 on jolla phone 1, jolla c and xperia x. 8.1 on xperia xa212:57
svipOK.  Then I guess I can't use this app, it apparently requires at least version 5.0.12:58
svipI have an Intex, I've turned into a Jolla C.12:58
PeperJohnnythen 4.4 only =(12:58
PeperJohnnyjolla phone is 4.1.212:59
JulianFWhat's a summary of Jolla/Sailfish's "native" support for "social network" connectors? Only FB and Twitter seem to be mentioned in the manual; are others provided or available? Most interested in Open ones like Matrix, Mastadon...13:00
PeperJohnnyThere is an app called tooter for mastodon. Matrix is wip as far as I know13:01
JulianFParticularly, interested in how the native "send a message" and "make a voice call" apps can work with external systems... Not so interested in ability install specific apps for specific services, although thanks anyway.13:02
PeperJohnnyThey don't13:02
PeperJohnnymaybe xmpp, but I haven't tested it in ages13:02
JulianFOh... ok. Thought I'd seen a hint somewhere, never mind.13:03
JulianFThe contacts app / address book... I guess it is standard basic VCARD functionality? Nearly all of them are. I hope one day there will be one that adds real-life functionality like "A and B are C's children" and "A and B and C share the same address and landline number but have separate mobile numbers" and "D is an email newsletter, so don't ask me to fill in its surname and birthday"... I don't expect I'll find that here,13:09
JulianFwas just something on my mind <rant finished="yes"/> :-)13:09
JulianFAnybody want to mention anything "new, exciting, advanced" that you found about switching to SailfishOS compared with Android?13:11
JulianF(Let me know if this is wrong place for such general chat.)13:11
PeperJohnnyThe gestures and general movement through the system felt a lot more fluid. But keep in mind I made the switch 2013 :D13:12
JulianF(I won't chat much after this. Just excited right now, having found a phone with SFOS on it I could buy.)13:12
PeperJohnnyFor which one are you going?13:13
JulianFHeh. Thanks. I'm prepared to get used to all that sort of UI differences and hopefully mostly will like it, from what I've read.13:13
JulianFXA2, SFOS 3.13:14
JulianFWhat about the Maps default app? Is it anywhere near the sophistication of OSMAND+?13:14
JulianFIn general, I'd like to know if each of the "main" advertised apps are based on a well known FOSS or not.13:15
PeperJohnnyJolla recommends using here wego app. The sailfish alternative would be poor maps13:15
PeperJohnnythe official maps app isn't available by normal means I think on the XA213:16
JulianFAnd the default web browser -- is it anywhere near Firefox -- or a really simple cut-down browser? And if I install Firefox (because I use it on desktop, so it will easily share my history, tabs, passwords, etc.) will that work well, e.g. easy to configure it as the default web browser for opening links from other apps?13:17
tadzikit's nowhere near it, unfortunately13:17
PeperJohnnythe browser is based on firefox, but is a couple of versions behind13:17
PeperJohnnythe android firefox works well enough though13:17
PeperJohnnythe browser is open source though and you can contribute if you want to13:18
JulianFIn general, does Sailfish support replacing each supplied default app of each kind (browser, keyboard, sms, ...) with an alternative, or do all the nice integrations start to break down if you do that? I understand of course some of the nice integrations would degrade, but ...?13:19
PeperJohnnythere are alternatives for browser and keyboard which work reasonably well13:19
JulianFI'm a developer, I can fix bugs and do small changes, but have no where near the resources to e.g. implement Firefox-sync support if the browser didn't already have that. (Just an example to indicate the scale of complexity I mean.)13:20
JulianFThanks, all this is pretty helpful.13:21
PeperJohnnyyou're welcome13:21
JulianFI think I'm at the point where I'll buy it and try it, and maybe even stick with it.13:22
PeperJohnnyThe nice thing about the xperia way is, that you could return to android, if you don't like it13:22
JulianFIf I ever find enough hobby time to do any development it'll be towards adding good integrated support for Matrix -- that's the Open future of popular IM, from what I've seen.13:23
svipIs it worth considering getting an XA2, if I have an Intex (Jolla C)?13:23
PeperJohnny@JulianF you can even get a free trial without android and such, if you want to test it first13:24
PeperJohnnythe android stuff and text completion costs 50€13:24
JulianFAh, you mean flash /e/ or LineageOS onto the same (XA2) phone if really don't get on with it? Yes, I already checked it's in their supported devices lists, that's extremely helpful.13:24
JulianFYes, I noted the trial and 50€ options. I don't have a suitable phone yet so am buying one anyway.13:25
JulianFsvip: Depends what's important to you!13:26
PeperJohnny@svip I'm on a Xperia X, so can't tell. But the android support is out of beta now and it should be good I guess13:26
svipJulianF: What parameters are we considering?13:26
JulianFI don't know either what's important to you or what are the major differences you would get, other than Android 8.1 support.13:27
svipThat's the main difference.  Although, my Intex is showing significant signs of wear.13:27
PeperJohnnyandroid 8.1 is the main argument, because more and more apps lose their 4.4 support13:28
svipIt has three dents under the screen13:28
PeperJohnnyalso hardware is better than jolla c13:28
PeperJohnnyThere will be support for Xperia 10 soon according to the meeting logs. But no date when this will be official13:28
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svipI am not sure I want spend that much for a Xperia 10.13:32
svipThe XA2 seems reasonable.13:32
JulianFI wish the likes of Jolla and /e/ (eelo) would partner. Jolla seems to be doing excellent Open phone-OS work, but no services (that's the message I'm getting here) while /e/ has recognized the need to set up Open services and single-sign-on for them (mainly just Nextcloud so far, which I don't think gets us far, but it's a start) but on the phone-OS side little more than selecting and re-branding. Together -- the great13:33
PeperJohnnyWell the XA2 is a tad older and as said the support for xperia 10 is not official yet13:33
JulianFOpen :-)13:33
PeperJohnnyimho inbuilt support for the likes of nextcloud would do a lot13:34
svipI'll guess I just wait then, and find a different solution to my immediate problem.13:34
PeperJohnnythere is support via cal/carddav for some things13:35
PeperJohnnybut webdav is mainly missing13:35
JulianFIf I buy a second-hand phone that "includes Sailfish 3 beta licence" (from early this year), will that licence be a "full" one and will Jolla be able to reassign that licence to me, do you think? I searched the support site questions, couldn't find info on that.13:35
JulianFI asked the seller too; no answer so far.13:36
PeperJohnnyYou'll have to upgrade the license to a full anyway or else it won't update android support and such. I don't know if the account is transferable to you13:36
PeperJohnnyunfortunately has problems at the moment and I can't look it up13:37
JulianFThen I'll work on the assumption I'll need to pay an additional fee up to 50€.13:42
JulianFYou've all been very helpful to me today. Thanks.13:43
PeperJohnnyno worries, have some fun with sailfish =)13:43
abstradeliccan I install Sailfish in Moto Z2 or Moto G2 ?13:44
PeperJohnnyabstradelic:  I don't know how often this list gets updated ->
abstradelicPeperJohnny: thank you13:48
PeperJohnnyabstradelic: and since has problems at the moment, I can't look up the other list. You might also ask in #sailfish-porters13:48
abstradelicPeperJohnny: okay13:48
x2sHm. I wonder if it's normal that the bluetooth connection drops when the carrier connection gets interrupted17:16
x2swell, not all of the bluetooth stuff, just accessing the phonebook has hickups17:16
x2sweird behaviour17:16

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