Wednesday, 2019-07-31

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attahWow... why on earth is ipp not just JSON?10:56
attahAn ipp share plugin would be really neat, but i made the mistake of thinking the protocol was easy/quick to implement10:57
FireFlywhat is ipp?11:47
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fledermaus I ssume13:33
tadzikit's older than JSON, so no wonder it doesn't use it :P13:37
fledermausssshhh, don't scare the young 'uns with tales of The Before Time13:47
fledermausgiven who made it and when I'm actually kind of susprised they went with http and not some godsforsaken semi-defined corporate bogus protocol13:48
tadzikheh. As long as it remained a relatively normal HTTP13:50
tadzikI work with Card/CalDAV at work recently, and I can understand that Apple though that it'd be a good idea to just take something standard (WebDAV) and just add stuff to it. The result however is like if you nailed the extra legs to a dog, called it an octopus and threw it into the sea13:52
tadzikit's a very shitty octopus and it doesn't swim very well13:52
fledermausit's caldav, it's more like nailing several dogs to an octopus and calling it a husky sled14:06
tadzikalso fair14:06
x2sI'm missing the elephants in this picture.14:18
tadzikthey're in the room14:22
x2sin the room, where carddav and caldav was invented? That explains a lot.14:29
tadzik"does anyone have an idea on how this will actually be used?" "*crickets*"14:36
attahSorry, i missed the first reply and then stepped out for a while15:10
attahAnd yes, internet printing protocol15:10
attahIt wold be a very neat share plugin, but given the speed bump, and that i print things like once or twice a year... i think i won't be pulling this one off15:12
inteits me again, long time:)18:56
inteHowever, just bought a XA2 plus from the sony store which got shipped today18:57
inteabout to install sfos18:57
inteno need (or even possibility) to backup drm, from what ive learned18:57
inteshould i start straight away or is there anything more?18:58
inteor a voucher circling around to get some discount on the release18:58
intejust asking, wouldnt mind paying 50 bucks though18:58
intewill just start then19:18
malinte: which android version does the device have now?19:18
intemal 8.019:21
intejust unboxed19:21
inteshall that be a problem?19:21
malok, good, do not update to 9.019:21
inteor do you mean regarding drm19:21
intemal yes read that19:22
malgood, then all is fine, not sure about drm backups, I never did those19:22
intedoesnt seem necessary on the xa2 anyways19:22
inteso there is no 20% off special at present?19:23
intejust asking since i do not follow my twitter19:23
intesometimes they do specials19:23
inteseems to have expired19:24
intedoesnt matter19:24
inteill post my progress:)19:25
intehas anybody ever managed to install microg on the jolla tablet?19:26
intewhen i click on the download link, it says permission denied19:28
inteand jup, i payed already...19:28
intetried login out and in again19:30
intei can neither download single or dual sim version19:31
intepermission denied 40319:31
intewasnt there a second irc channel doing jolla support?19:32
attahWhat does say? 403 immediately, or when downloading?19:36
attahAlso support is here
inteattah: i can get to my download page19:39
intei got the links for the single or dual version19:40
intewhen hitting the corresponding buttons, I get the permission denied error19:40
attahThat's sad... hope store is not broken19:41
inteso, immideately, but after the links-page19:41
intewell appear to be the downloads that are broken19:41
attahsaw someone on tjc complaining about a bad store experience today19:42
attahMy links work19:42
intedont know which part of the link is secret19:43
attahprobably the latter19:43
inteI dont presume the domain is but...19:43
attahthe indeed look similar19:43
intedoesnt work with neither wget nor curl too19:44
intecould try lynx as well but I guess its not worth the efforts :-)19:45
attahno, not really19:45
intedoes your domain start with d2lokee... as well?19:46
inteso its the keys then19:46
inteprobably the update script is broken19:46
inteif yours still work19:46
intei only wonder for how long19:47
attahsomething in the provisioning part...19:47
inteseems so19:47

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