Thursday, 2019-08-01

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attahIt's official, i'm too stupid for the KeepAlive api... I had it dim on me *once*, and of course i wasn't logging.. and now it is going on 2 minutes with the screen on after i set it to disabled12:36
attah(screen timeout set to 15s)12:37
attahDo I need anything other than an enabled KeepAlive component on my page?12:53
attahThe answer is yes, DisplayBlanking... plus some more PEBKAC13:33
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maszloi finally got my xa2 updated. still some issue with adb\fastboot on linux system and needed to use win1014:48
maszlobattery life  in seems better than
maszlomight have spoke too soon about battery. first charge on this build keeps looping and beeping that is charging15:36
x2sI updated today and went shopping and for some reason the modem didn't get stuck while I was in the store as usual15:40
x2susually I have to switch to flight mode and back to reset it15:41
x2sbut not today15:41
Tekk_Hey, what's the polkit auth agent for sailfish? Ever since a reset I did I'm unable to use packagekit without root17:33
Tekk_Which is a bit of a problem when I use storeman for everything :D17:33
Tekk_When I ps aux | grep I only see polkitd running and not any authentication agent, so I assume that's the problem.17:34
PeperJohnnyLet me reboot my phone and I see what it says on my end17:36
PeperJohnnyroot       853  0.1  0.1  19676  4328 ?        Ssl  19:38   0:00 /usr/libexec/polkit-1/polkitd --no-debug17:40
PeperJohnnyThat's what I get for ps aux | grep polkit17:41
Tekk_That's all?17:41
PeperJohnny | grep auth gives nothing17:42
Tekk_Can you ls -l your pkcon binary? Maybe it's supposed to be suid or something.17:42
PeperJohnny-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 55776 May 25 02:10 pkcon17:43
PeperJohnnyjust to clarify for me, if you use "pkcon refresh" for example, it won't do anymore?17:46
PeperJohnnyTekk_: ^17:47
PeperJohnnydo yo get this? "== AUTHENTICATING FOR org.freedesktop.packagekit.system-sources-refresh ==="17:47
Tekk_Refreshing cache\nFinished\nFatal error: Failed to obtain authentication17:48
PeperJohnnyI get this and need to give my sailfish-code for it to run17:48
Tekk_Yeah, that's how it used to work before my reset.17:48
PeperJohnnynot that it works or I'm too dumb to put in my passcode correctly17:48
PeperJohnnyoh ok17:49
Tekk_3.1.0.11 on an xperia x, for what it's worth.17:49
PeperJohnnyMe too17:49
Tekk_I had a bunch of other stuff going wrong before after the jump to 3.0.8 I think it was, so I had to do a reset. Short battery life, apps crashing, etc.17:49
Tekk_It's been well behaved after the reset except this one really annoying point.17:50
Tekk_PeperJohnny: Would you mind pastebinning your packagekit rules? /usr/share/polkit-1/rules.d/org.freedesktop.packagekit.rules18:22
Tekk_I only have 1 entry and I'm a bit suspicious of that.18:22
Tekk_This isn't confusing at all.18:25
PeperJohnnyMaybe open up a thread on tjc18:30
Tekk_Then I'd have to remember my tjc credentials :)18:31
PeperJohnnyslacker :P18:31
Tekk_I might do it when I get home. I Could probably also just jank my way through by writing custom polkit rules.18:31
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