Friday, 2019-08-02

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attahI don't know why i was trying to prototype ipp in Python... Erlang has much better bit syntax for protocol encoding15:29
attahSo an ipp-print-sharing plugin would actually be very feasible, and not require the kludge that is CUPS15:30
attah(Obviously re-implemented in C++ when understood well enough)15:33
elfioHi there, I'm currently giving some love to an app which featured a map by using "here" plugin and mapbox token. Recently Mapbox changed their licensing model and I cannot make it work again with a new key. Any idea?17:17
x2s*sigh* I had high hopes for the last update, but the modem crashing bug, when being in regions without network coverage, is still there17:24
x2sLooks like only a new phone will fix this. I hate those binary only firmware things. :|17:25
attahI can now ipp-print and query printer properties, plus I have a start for decoding the replies20:15
attahThis is definitely doable... too bad i print like twice a year and will likely lose interest20:15
attahOh, in Erlang, i should say20:29
attahQt/C++ will be painful, but hopefully easier if understanding is gained prior to that20:30
attah@kimmoli: Feel like collaborating?20:31

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