Saturday, 2019-08-03

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elfioGood morning, I'm updating an app which featured a map by using "here" plugin and mapbox token. Recently Mapbox changed their licensing model and I cannot make it work again with a new key. Any help, please? Thank you!06:59
PeperJohnnyelfio: I guess you're talking about
PeperJohnnyIf so there might be some help in this thread ->
elfioPeperJohnny: actually I was just using the vanilla Map component from QtLocation 5.0. There are 79 pages on that thread; could you be more specific?08:10
PeperJohnnyI just recall reading that you need your own key at some time, because the provided one has used up its quota. But I do not remember specifics08:11
elfiook, thanks nontheless :)08:13
elfioMaybe there is anyone else who I can talk to?08:13
riniguselfio: if you use vanilla map component (not sure which), then pure maps thread will not help you.09:37
elfiorinigus: with vanilla I mean Map{} available with QtLocation 5.009:38
elfioI found out you created a whole map component for mapboxgl and I'm currently lookin into the app-qml example :)09:39
r0kk3rzrinigus: have you tried compiling mapbox without opt-gcc?09:49
rinigusr0kk3rz: no, I haven't. probably should do that to see if we can get mapbox gl module to qtlocation with 5.9 upgrade10:06
riniguselfio, Map{} Qtlocation 5.0: that's probably raster tiles only, mapbox gl based one was included starting from qt5.910:07
elfioSo maybe this is a bit overkill for my use case? The expected use of the map is to locate bus stops on it, no navigation or special features are required10:09
riniguselfio: that component is based on earlier work of mapbox and is extended now with few goodies (zoom and runtime styling). if you look for sfos example, its at
elfiorinigus, thank you :)10:10
riniguselfio: not sure whether its an overkill. at least its something that works and is maintained. programming with it is simple, you can easily switch between online and offline. as a drawback - no jolla store10:13
rinigus... but there is no jolla store for Map{} either.10:13
rinigusalthough, using plain Map{} is easy in terms of use on desktop - usually qtlocation is available with distributions10:14
riniguselfio: except mapbox gl plugin on debian-based distros - this is absent for several reasons10:14
elfiorinigus:  well, late releases are only available at due to lack of support in jolla store10:16
elfioalso I'm planning to use this app only as SFOS app10:17
elfiothe idea from the very begining was to get a very simple map where I could put some indicators so users can locate them in real world and tap on them to retrieve info10:17
riniguselfio: in principle, for simple apps, it should be trivial to switch between Map{} components. right now on SFOS, mine works. qtlocation is probably hacky and surely old10:18
elfioI had that working but a few weeks ago, mapbox changed their billing procedure or something and now it's not enough by replacing the old token with the new one10:18
rinigusas for tapping and adding objects, thats easy with mapbox gl qml10:18
elfioI'll give it a try. In case I get stuck, I imagine I'll come back for some help10:19
riniguselfio: sure, will be happy to help10:19
riniguselfio: as for changing with mapbox license - not aware of any and it hasn't touched me, as far as I can see10:20
elfiohaha, no idea tbh. Maybe mine was too old?10:22
attahHow do i make Dialog components not break in landscape mode?11:44
attahSeriously... setting allowedOrientations in the dialog itself makes it break, but setting _defaultPageOrientations in the ApplicationWindow does the trick12:04
attahjaaay, unofficial APIs12:04
attah_allowedOrientations in the Dialog also works12:09
rinigusr0kk3rz: looks like mapbox gl can now be compiled with "regular" gcc on sfos - . don't have time to test it now, though (this will require recompilation of mapbox gl qml as well)12:27
r0kk3rzrinigus: oh cool12:32

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