Sunday, 2019-08-04

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gobukiIs there a showcase application demonstrating how the most common things are done when developing an app? Like event listeners, persisting configs, sending dbus events for example. I have found the example in the SDK, but i'd like to have a more complete example of a small app.10:13
r0kk3rzi dont think so, but many sailfish apps are open source11:05
bionade24gobuki: The settings app is also in the SDK11:40
gobukibionade24: cool12:28
delopteshi, looking for @blam - do you know where I can find blam?15:59
KeeperoftheKeysAre Jolla servers under attack or something?16:48
KeeperoftheKeysI get timeouts and gateway failures when trying to visit16:48
bionade24KeeperoftheKeys: Not sure, but probably yes16:52
bionade24KeeperoftheKeys: And it's Sunday evening, so no one from Jolla is at work. The question was asked on the Mailing Lists hours before but no answer16:54
KeeperoftheKeysseems back...17:22
KeeperoftheKeysI was too early :/17:31
attahRemind me to never go back to working in c++ ever again19:40
bionade24KeeperoftheKeys:  As I said, there is no one from Jolla working ATM. We have to wait until monday19:53
KeeperoftheKeysattah why?19:53
KeeperoftheKeysand in favor of what?19:54
attahI'm doing internet printing protocol in Qt-flavored C++19:54
attahAnd it takes forever because i suck at it, also it has huuuge amounts of unnecessary syntax and misc shenanigans19:55
bionade24attah: Just use QML only ;)19:55
attahIn favor of Erlang19:55
attahI usually try to19:55
attahOut of my 3 apps in store one has a minor C++ component19:56
bionade24attah: Erlang is not very comparable to Cpp, but I think I can undestand you19:56
attahFor this case it doesn't matter what i use anyway... or rather Erlang would have been much easier19:57
bionade24attah: When you always work with a functional lang you believe every non-func lang has extreme overhead ;)19:57
attahpretty much19:57
attahalthough QML/JS gets a pass19:58
attahAlso protocol coding is like 10x easier with Erlang19:59
attahBut now i have a "operator<<" version i'm half-happy with19:59
bionade24attah: Erlang was designed for it, wasn't it?20:00
attahYes :)20:00
attahAnd massive parallelism, fault tolerance etc20:00
bionade24attah: Every lang has its usecase, and for a OO lang I believe Cpp is quite powerful20:02
attahPerhaps too powerful and not user friendly enough20:02
bionade24attah: This exact the thing why I like it :)20:03
attahBecause it weeds out the n00bs?20:06
bionade24KeeperoftheKeys: It's for sure no DDoS attack otherwise nginx wouldn't work. I think the DB has problems.20:06
bionade24attah: Because you can make lkttle Hacks20:07
bionade24attah: without using inline Assembler :)20:08
attahI never feel limited by Erlang, but perhaps...20:08
KeeperoftheKeysHaven't worked with Erlang, but I can say that there are times I prefer the higher level of control C/C++ gives me (like driving manual vs. stick)20:10
attahFor embedded use that is certainly good... elsewhere not so interesting imo20:11
KeeperoftheKeysbionade24: nginx is way lighter then DB/most other stuff etc so it may not buckle under the load while stuff behind it has...20:11
attahI don't mind driving stick as long as it has some torque.. if it doesn't i might just as well have something compensate for me20:12
bionade24KeeperoftheKeys: If they don't attack some API nginx just caches everything20:13
attahSo it can't be cloudflare or whatever CDN being on the fritz?20:13
KeeperoftheKeysis there a way to access qsTr() from python function in QML apps?20:15

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