Monday, 2019-08-05

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pketoTJC should be better now08:41
Intehi, which video calling apps do work on the xa2?08:43
Intesince neither skype nor whatsapp does (no audio) i presume none of the android apps work08:44
Inteor are there any?08:45
bionade24Inte_: I would try to get Skype running again10:29
Inte_would be great but how? to my knowledge it is "officially" listed as partly working...10:30
Inte_orbis there any known solution or workaround?10:31
Inte_or is10:31
bionade24Inte_: If you try to install Skype from OpenRepos, there is a dependency problem what needs to be solved. Maybe also aleindalvik camera streams do work now since 3.1, but I don't know.10:33
bionade24Inte_: I would search on TJC10:33
Inte_skype from openrepos?10:33
Inte_camera works fine10:34
Inte_just no spund10:34
Inte_and its a known bug10:34
bionade24Inte_: Yes, but I think it's unmaintained10:34
Inte_thatsvonly a skypevaccount for messaging, not calls10:35
bionade24Inte_: And the bug wasn't fixed with 3.1?10:35
bionade24Inte_: For e. g. Threema the voice in vid calls seems to work
Inte_will try threema then:)10:40
Inte_and maybe telegram10:41
electrohi all18:02
electroHow have already port sailfishos on HTC device ?18:03
electroWho have already port sailfishos on HTC device ?18:03
bionade24electro: What device? You could look after at and in merproject wiki18:51
electroyes, htc one m818:52
electroi'm looking for rndis for this device18:52
deathmisthey, I'm a beginner in QML & SFOS apps, I'd like to re-use a ContextMenu for multiple ComboBoxes, but changing one entry will do the same for all the other entries as well, example code UI is there a known solution?22:20

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