Tuesday, 2019-08-06

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dcalisteHello chriadam07:12
chriadamhi dcaliste07:12
chriadamI hope you had a good week07:12
chriadamunfortunately I didn't get a chance to progress any of your PRs (with testing etc, our team's tester is currently on vacation, so haven't started that activity properly yet for the caldav PRs)07:12
chriadamand Pekka is still on vacation for a while yet07:13
chriadamI apologise for being slow to progress these ones currently07:13
dcalisteNo worries, I didn't do anything relevant myself this week neither.07:13
chriadammight be a short meeting then ;-)07:13
chriadamI poked Jaymzz again about the blog post07:14
chriadamI hope he finishes the draft shortly and sends it to you (and piggz and TheKit also) for discussion shortly07:14
dcalisteOk, thanks. Anyway, last time I thought 3.1.0 was released for everyone, but I think it's still EA, so we're not late.07:15
chriadamoh, true!07:15
chriadamI can never keep the current release state straight ;-)  once the branches close I tend to forget about the release until/unless a release manager pings me with an urgent bug etc07:16
chriadamwell, I'll follow up again later this week anyway, better to get the blog post out sooner than later :-)07:17
chriadamwith Jaymzz I mean07:17
chriadamanything else we should discuss today?07:17
dcalisteNo, I don't think so. I'll keep trying to see what can be improved in sqlite internal of mkcal to be ready for KDateTime drop in favor of QDateTime only.07:18
chriadamsounds good07:20
chriadamthanks very much07:20
chriadamcan't promise that I'll get to progress the caldav PRs this week either, but let's see07:20
dcalisteYep, no worries. Have a nice week anyway.07:21
chriadamnot sure whether flypig has some spare capacity for testing - he's very thorough and always finds issues I don't notice07:21
chriadamthanks, you too :-)07:21
stanleeyhi, guys. does somebody know if it's possible to run a USSD request and get the output back?07:38
stanleeyit is possible to dial it thru dbus, but it displays the output onthe screen as you would see when typing manually07:39
chriadammonich would know I guess ^07:41
* chriadam -> home, gnight07:44
deathmistI'm a beginner in QML & I'd like to reuse a single ContextMenu for multiple (in reality 14) ComboBoxes, but changing one entry will do the same for all the other entries as well: QML https://pastebin.com/yYmCCwkf UI https://imgur.com/a/bvXui80 is there a known solution?08:18
attahSeems my J1 cannot auth to repos anymore...08:59
attah"WARNING: ssu.ini does not seem to be writable. Setting values might not work."08:59
attah"Device registration status: not registered"08:59
attahHmmm, maybe that was pebkac, but now i'm back to a refresh taking forever... and checking for updates still isn't working09:06
attahre-logging in to the jolla account solved it09:13
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monichstanleey:  you can send ussd with org.ofono.SupplementaryServices.Initiate but the response is coming back as a dbus signal11:27
monichand ussd in general is more sophisticated then just request-response11:28
stanleeymonich, I guess I should look here https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/ofono/blob/master/ofono/src/ussd.c ?11:30
monichstanleey: that and /usr/share/voicecall-ui-jolla/pages/dialer/SupplementaryServices.qml on the device11:32
stanleeyok, thank you, monich11:33
KeeperoftheKeysIs there a way to bypass the security code on the N9 running harmattan? I lent out my old N9 to a friend whose phone broke and one of his kids managed to lock it down I'd like my device back :013:22
KeeperoftheKeysand I'd rather not reset the device13:23
x2sif you find the answer, I'd be interessted, too. But just out of curiosity.13:28
KeeperoftheKeysI assume that the nemesis service suite which claims to do this somehow accesses a recovery console13:30
inteHi again14:23
inteI have problem with alien dalvik on the XA214:24
inteits frequently crashing at one point14:24
intelike android apps are beginning to hang, then freeze, until the runtime crashes14:24
inteand then all over again14:25
intei wipe my phone, did a fresh reinstall14:25
inteand now it instantly started hanging after i installed a single app on my freshly reseted phone14:25
inteis this a known bug?14:25
malwhich app?14:26
maldo you have a lot of contacts in people app?14:26
inteyes about 400 or 50014:27
malhmm, some people have has issues if they have a lot of contacts14:27
mal*have had14:27
inteoh good to know14:28
intewell, most contacts are no "real" contacts since they got synchronized through google14:28
intei will remove the account and see if it will do again14:28
malyes, usually that has helped14:29
attahYou may need/want to check on the size of your contacts.db too14:30
intewhere is that located?14:31
attahi never remember and just search for it.. somewhere in your home14:32
attahProbably ./.local/share/system/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/contacts.db14:33
inteits 600k14:34
intedont know if this is considered "big"14:34
attahNo that's fine14:35
attahMine was like 450M14:35
attah(when i had issues)14:36
intewell, but you may be right since this issue might have started right after i started to sync contacts with my google accounts14:37
attahHmm, it could be this one actually ./.local/share/system/privileged/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/contacts.db14:38
attahnot sure what the difference is14:38
intethose synced conted might be stored elsewhere and still irritate aliendalvik?14:38
intei will start over again and only sync to openexchange14:39
attahNot sure how it works, but i got the distinct impression the db was the source14:39
intehope thatll help14:39
attahcheck the size of the latter file14:39
attahAlso you can turn off contact sync14:39
attah...and if this isn't helping, i wouldn't guess your problems are related, and ask that you read logs14:40
intewell, couldnt find any dedicated logs14:40
inteand my contacts are still in the address book after i deleted contacts.db14:40
stanleeythere was a setting to disable contact access from android to SFOS14:41
attahdevel-su lxc-attach -n aliendalvik -- /system/bin/logcat14:41
attahi seem to recall that the startup procedure would still digest the contacts, just not let apps use them14:41
attahinte: did you check the privileged db?14:42
x2sUhm, what chipset does the Xperia X use? I'm asking because of this: https://thehackernews.com/2019/08/android-qualcomm-vulnerability.html14:44
stanleeyx2s, don't worry about such exotic vulns. SFOS is full of more realistic ones14:45
x2swell, it uses a very old android kernel. I'm not impressed. The whole embedded linux stuff has to be burnt down anyway...14:47
attahLooks like MSM8956 (X) is not listed as affected14:48
attahXA2 on the other hand... ^^,14:48
malattah: also xperia x has broadcom wlan14:52
inteattah: what ist priviliged.db?14:52
attahinte:  ./.local/share/system/privileged/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/contacts.db14:52
intei guess this is the relevant line in the logs14:53
inteAug 06 16:49:53 Sailfish systemd[1]: aliendalvik.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE14:53
intedoesnt say much though14:53
attahinte: is that from journal?14:53
attahinte: did you check  devel-su lxc-attach -n aliendalvik -- /system/bin/logcat  ?14:54
inteafter i activated the logging14:54
inte08-06 16:55:19.285    70    92 I zygote  : Waiting for a blocking GC Alloc14:55
intethis message is appearing all the time14:55
attahinte: Does it look to be running out of memory while processing contacts?14:56
intewith your command14:56
attahThat sounds familiar14:56
inte08-06 16:56:01.450    70   162 I zygote  : Alloc concurrent copying GC freed 1(16B) AllocSpace objects, 0(0B) LOS objects, 0% free, 255MB/256MB, paused 121us total 1.967s14:56
attahbut you need to check context a bit14:56
attahalso, how about that privileged contacts.db?14:56
attahsounds fine to me14:57
intesince f-droid is the only android app i have installed at present i wonder why ad is processing contacts at all...14:58
attahit's part of startup afaik14:59
intefunny, the memory usage of f-droid in app setting is -384352352352 or something :-)14:59
inteobviously there is a process eating memory but which?15:00
inteok i will just start over and not sync my google account contacts this time15:03
attahnot sure it can be known easily.. but i think there was mention about contacts just before (when i actually had the contacts problem)15:03
intelets see if this will help15:03
attahdid you just try turning it off?15:03
attahas in turning off sync, or removing the account (not disabling the account, apparently, for some weird reason)15:04
inteah, yes15:04
intei turned of sync15:04
intedidnt help15:05
maldid you reboot just in case?15:08
attahPlease check your printers' format support: https://together.jolla.com/question/211124/collaborators-wanted-share-to-printer-plugin/?answer=211153#post-id-21115319:55
electroWho have already try to port an HTC device on sailfishOS ?20:33
electroWho can i contact ?20:34
electroi have already asked sailfishos-porters but no way for the moment to fix first bugs before GUI20:34
electrono debug connection rndis0 or usb0 and bootloop20:35
malno point in asking this channel, pretty much the same people here20:35
electrookey, maybe have you a better idea than elros3420:35
maltoo late already today to help20:36
electrotry hybris 14.1 ?20:36
electroi try hybris 15.120:36
electroyes, okey20:36

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