Thursday, 2019-08-08

vilpanhi all, I've proposed a national keyboard layout on the devel list a while ago (, which hasn't gotten any attention yet. Any suggestions on what I could do to increase the likelihood of it being included in SailfishOS?08:14
yofuh(outside opinion) you might geht lucky or not, jolla seems so care more about redesigning exiting UIs insteadof adding functionality08:26
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Inteobviously alien dalvik becomes extremly laggy when granted sms access18:00
Intei denied it and instantly my phone became normal agsin18:00
Intehowever, now all my symbols, like batter/network status are gone on the mainscreen18:01
Inteis there any way to reset the mainscreen only?18:01
Inteor do i have to reset the entire phone to factory settings (again...)?18:02
merbotInte: Error: "idle" is not a valid command.19:00

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