Friday, 2019-08-09

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dubliner[m]coderus: First of all, a huge thank you for all your great work. I got a question about Patchmanager 3.0. I would like to give "Kids Mode" a try. However, it seems to require "Launcher combined" (LC) from the web catalog. I am running SFOS and the Patchmanager tells me that LC is not available for this version of SFOS. Is there a workaround?08:34
coderusdubliner[m]: god mode08:42
dubliner[m]How do I start "God mode"?08:43
dubliner[m]Found it. Thanks a million, coderus!!! 👍️08:44
dubliner[m]Now I managed to duplicate all the icons in the launcher. Yikes! How do I reset the launcher? Help anyone please. 🤔09:21
abransondubliner[m]: haha. what did you do? the files are in /usr/share/applications with a user dir in /home/nemo/.local/share/applications. hopefully you've duplicated stuff in one of those?09:24
dubliner[m]I wish I knew what I did.  /home/nemo/.local/share/applications is empty. And I cannot find any duplicated among the files in /usr/share/applications. Is there a cache for the launcher somewhere?09:30
abransonthere's an update-desktop-database command that might help09:33
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dubliner[m]That hasn't helped unfortunately. Apart from that I also checked /usr/local/share/applications (mentioned by update-desktop-database -v) which is also empty. There must be a cache somewhere else.09:40
dubliner[m]Wait! I got it!!! Upon deleting an installed package, lipstick crashed and came back all cleaned up!!! Phew!!! Thanks for the help coderus and abranson ! Much appeciated!!!09:41
abransonah the old turning it off and turning it on again09:42
dubliner[m]Not quite I had already done that a dozen times. 😂09:43
dubliner[m]Okay, off to another round of testing Kids Mode. Let's hope I won't cause any more uproar... 🙄09:44
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albertus1Greetings! I'm new to Sailfish (haven't even decided on it over Android yet) and I'm a bit confused. Is there any material (as in Guide, Tutorial or Documentation) on how to just download source code and build the system in order to finally get it onto my Xperia XA2?17:32
attah@albertus1: you don't need to build if yourself if you don't specifically want to...18:15
attahBut this looks like what you asked for:
albertus1hm, I think being able to build myself is a form of control, and might enable me to eventually understand the system or even change or contribute things, rather than just using binaries I have to trust. though I see that I probably won't be running on my phone without proprietary blobs18:19
albertus1thanks for the link. I've come to find the wiki pages a bit unintuitive, there's a large navigation tree on the top which by far doesn't seem to cover everything18:23
albertus1but I may just not be looking in the right place for what I'm after18:23
albertus1hmm, I'm learning that some parts of Android seem to be below Sailfish (in order to make the hardware work, as I understand it). interesting, still learning und trying to wrap my head around the architecture (which is rather an objective than a nuisance on my path) :)19:43
attahYes, the kernel used is an Android-favored one as it has drivers for/from Android as those are the only drivers provided for the relevant chipsets19:45
attahYou probably already found this:
albertus1no, not knowingly19:49
attahIt's quite central to the explanation of why19:49
albertus1thanks for that pointer19:50
attahOr i guess, this is the better entry point
albertus1what I also like is the mentioned downgrading tool (by Sony) to get back from 9.0 to 8.1 (android), which seems so much easier than the procedure described on xda-developers19:50
albertus1yes, Hybris (or libhybris) is something I read about19:50
albertus1why is the Xperia XA2 not on this list?
malthat has community devices, not official device20:57

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